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YouTube Search Results as RSS Feed

image This Article has been Removed as it described the method of using YouTube API to return a search as an RSS Feed. This has been depreciated by Google and is no longer Valid.


2 thoughts on “YouTube Search Results as RSS Feed”

    1. This is true. The V3 release from Google has stopped this for good.
      Someone has created a small PHP script that scrapes a Youtube URL for video links, and then outputs them as an atom feed:
      URLs such as work.
      The tool doesn’t scrape dates
      Playlists won’t include more than 100 videos
      Playlists include the “play all” link
      Author is correctly set only for channels (e.g. not playlists)
      Maybe Youtube will block you if you use this too much (but hopefully the limits are high enough)
      Likely several more…

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