February 2012

Adding an Attachment Field to Feedback Designer

Steps to add an Attachment Field to Feedback Designer Module for DotNetNuke. Select Configure Module Select Add Edit Form Items Enter a Name for the Field (Like Upload File, or Attachment etc.) Select Add – To add the filed to the Existing Form Items Use the up or down arrows to position the filed where you would like it. Back and back The result is a form with file upload ability. The attachment is sent as an email attachment. Please contact us for additional DotNetNuke Support requirements.

Bulk Email Messaging and Bounce Back Monitoring

The Bulk Email module for DotNetNuke has a feature known as Bounce Email Monitoring, and it is probably a good idea to understand what it does and how it does it so we can explain how best to configure it. Sending a Bulk Email Message When an email message is generated using the DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module, a list of all the email addresses that you have selected from multiple sources is generated into a database. The lists that you select can include. Website Users Custom Lists that you import Microsoft CRM Marketing Lists Imported contacts from email programs Custom typed email address Once the list is complied, email addresses are removed. Duplications Email addresses on the unsubscribed list Email addresses on the bounce email list (that meet the requirements set) Then the email messages are sent out and ticked off as being sent. You can see that bounced email… Read More »Bulk Email Messaging and Bounce Back Monitoring

Bing Ajax Control over HTTPS or HTTP Secure SSL

Today we updated some code in our Contact Details module for DotNetNuke. The module makes it easy to add your contact details to a page in DNN. There is a map control function that uses Bing Maps that can be seen in the demo here: http://www.interactivewebs.com/contactdetails/Demo.aspx We have updated the module today to support the use of SSL or https connections to the page that contains the module. How we did this So here are the two ways to add the Bing Ajax control to your page in HTTP or HTTPS: HTTP: <script src=”http://ecn.dev.virtualearth.net/mapcontrol/mapcontrol.ashx?v=6.3” type="text/javascript"></script> HTTPS: <script src=”https://ecn.dev.virtualearth.net/mapcontrol/mapcontrol.ashx?v=6.3&s=1” type="text/javascript"></script> Now on the HTTPS version notice I changed the URL to start with HTTPS, this is what pulls from the secure site over at the good Bing folks. Also notice I added the “s” parameter and set it to 1, default is 0, this tells the Bing API to get the… Read More »Bing Ajax Control over HTTPS or HTTP Secure SSL

Upgrading Steps for DotNetNuke from DNN 4.x.x to DNN 6.x.x

Specifically we wanted to take a version of DotNetNuke from 4.9.1 to 6.1.3 today and actually found that it worked perfectly. We did take some steps that helped a lot. This may be of value to some of you. Before we Began 1. Backed up the entire file system for the website. 2. Backed up the database on SQL server for the site in question. 3. Ensured we had a HOST login account that worked. 4. Ensured the server we were running on (Windows 2008 R2) was patched and running .Net Framework version 3.5 SP1. 5. If your site is busy, work out a way to stop the traffic. One way is to add a portal alias, like test.domain.com in your DNN website. Setup a DNS entry to that test.domain.com points to the IP address of your DNN web server. In IIS, setup a Binding, so that test.domain.com will answer… Read More »Upgrading Steps for DotNetNuke from DNN 4.x.x to DNN 6.x.x

DotNetNuke Bulk Email on WebFarm Support Added

  Today we have added support to the DotNetNuke Bulk Emailer module for WebFarms. We have identified a feature of Bulk Emailer for DotNetNuke that has caused some issues with the running of the module on a WebFarm. There is an automatic enable feature that checks when you start a bulk email message that the scheduler for the module in the Host / Scheduler is enabled. If it is not enabled, the module will enable it. The Problem With WebFarms there are two processes that run at the same time. This will cause duplication of sending email messages. The solution is easy… just disable one of the schedule processes. However this will be automatically re-enabled by the module. The Fix To solve this we have added an option to the Bulk Emailer Settings. This option enables you to tick that you are using a WebFarm, stopping the automatic enabling of… Read More »DotNetNuke Bulk Email on WebFarm Support Added

Creating a New User in Smarter Mail 9

Here are the steps to create a new user in Smarter Mail 9 Enterprise. Add New Email Address 1. Log into the webmail interface. webmail.domain.com as a mail administrator. 2. After Login, select the Settings Icon from the left hand menu. 3. Expand Domain Settings and Select Users. 4. From the Main Window, select New. 5. Fill in new user details with the following format. User Name:  firstname.lastname Pass: secure password Display Name: FirstName LastName Reply-To Email Address: firstname.lastname@domain.com Backup Email Address: Optional (Use Existing personal address of user if filled in) User Status: Enabled Mailbox Size Limit: 50 MB Enable Outgoing Mail Signing: Enabled 6. Click Save when complete.

Microsoft–You Suck Balls!

I find it absolutely incomprehensible how hard it is to purchase a Microsoft Product and actually gain access to it. Over the years, things have always been hard, but appear to have got a lot worse. My Experience with MSDN Subscription. In December I receive notice that our existing MSDN subscription is due to expire, so I set about renewing it. Now with any other company, you would just enter a credit card number into a website some place and you would be done. But Not Microsoft. Microsoft force you to purchase through a reseller (and I get that) so we set about that path. Our previous reseller was Ingram Micro, who totally destroyed their own business by interdicting SAP some time ago, and have got nothing right since then! So we followed the Legendry Microsoft License Expert “Shane Piercy” to Dicker Data and purchased our license there. (Thanks Shane,… Read More »Microsoft–You Suck Balls!

DotNetNuke Outlook Social Connector Setup

The steps in setting up the Outlook Social Connector for DotNetNuke on your local computer. The steps assume that you have installed the DNN website module by InteractiveWebs called the Outlook Social Connector. 1. Close Outlook 2. Start the MSI installer “Setup_DNNSocialConnector” 3. Select Next 4. Use the default path, or select one, then select – Next 5. Select Next when ready to proceed 6. Wait a bit 7. Select Close 8. Open Outlook and in the Mail view, find an email message and expand the view for the Social Connector. 9. Select the + symbol under the contact image, and select “on another social network” from the available list. 10. Select “iWebs – DNN Social Connector” from the available social connector plugins. 11. Fill in the connection settings for your DotNetNuke Website that has the iWebs – DNN Social Connector module installed. And admin or host account is needed.… Read More »DotNetNuke Outlook Social Connector Setup