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Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag

Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/site.webmanifest on a WordPress Site Do you notice in the website order application that reports empty title tags on a page that ends in sight.manifest.    When you browse to the page in question you’ll find the code looks something like this on the page that loads. {“name”: “”,“short_name”: “”,“icons”: [{“src”: “/wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/android-chrome-192×192.png”,“sizes”: “192×192”,“type”: “image/png”},{“src”: “/wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/android-chrome-512×512.png”,“sizes”: “512×512”,“type”: “image/png”}],“theme_color”: “#ffffff”,“background_color”: “#ffffff”,“display”: “standalone”} Usually you will find that there is an associated Plugin called Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator that is responsible for generating a page in question. This plug-in is used to provide a favicon for your website. The good news is, that since early versions of WordPress 4 WordPress allows you usually within your thing to upload a favicon. There is some good information about installing a Favicon in WordPress here. We are using the Neve theme on our site, and the process may differ depending on… Read More »Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag

Securing your Website with SSL

Why is SSL Necessary for your Website and the Benefits of using SSL Certificates

Why you need SSL security on your Website in 2020 Is the implementation of SSL important for your website? The answer to that is simply YES… And we are about to list some of the common reasons that SSL encryption on your website is more important than ever. But first, let’s explain exactly what SSL encryption is… What is SSL/TSL Encryption Putting is simply, is is when you access a website using HTTPS:// before the address in place of HTTP://. Websites that use https:/// are using some cleaver encryption that ensures that information sent to the website browsers and from the website browser to the website is secured and cannot be intercepted by people spying on your connection. Sites without this encryption send information back and forth as plain text. Making it super simple for anyone who is looking at this information to read all of it. This includes passwords… Read More »Why is SSL Necessary for your Website and the Benefits of using SSL Certificates

Search Engine Optimization Services SEO

Best 1 – Search Engine Optimisation Services in Sydney

Search Engine Optimisation Services Our Search Engine Optimisation Services With years of experience at Search Engine Marketing SEM and Search Engine Optimisation SE,O and a genuine interest in latest evolving techniques. We are able to provide a total solution for your Search Engine Marketing needs. We cover all aspects of the gamete of SEO Services that are required to deliver Natural Google Ranking Results. Today SEO is more important than ever. With the improvements that the web has undergone over the more recent years, it has become more important than ever to target your website towards your potential customers. The is because of a few significant changes. It is easy to create targeted content with systems like WordPress, so many of your potential competitors are doing this now. Hack SEO companies are everywhere doing a partial job of SEO. This means that at the least you have to do better than… Read More »Best 1 – Search Engine Optimisation Services in Sydney