April 2012

SmarterMail Setup Anti-Spam Tools and Tips

E-Mail Anti-Spam Settings – Using Only SmarterMail Anti-Spam Tools and No Wizard Beginning with SmarterMail 6, SmarterTools began incorporating some very powerful tools into the SmarterMail e-mail server software which made the control of undesired SPAM much easier. Prior to version 6 of the SmarterMail software, it was necessary to maintain blacklists, build complicated tables of undesired words, phrases, IP address, e-mail addresses, and domains – all of which changed almost every hour. The spammers knew the ISPs and e-mail server operators were up against a wall and, in spite of new state and federal regulations being put into place almost daily, continued to churn out ever more junk mail because they were unconcerned with being stopped or caught. With the introduction of SmarterMail version 6, the tide began to turn in favor of the e-mail server operators. Between the more frequent adaptation of SPF, the general requirement of large… Read More »SmarterMail Setup Anti-Spam Tools and Tips

How We Setup–The History of The Internet

This is how we setup a Website for a School Project about The History of the Internet. We first researched the hits for “The History of the Internet” as a search term in Google. What we found is that there are 450,000 searches each month for this term. We hope to capture some of that traffic. 1. Registered the Domain Name: the-history-of-the-internet.com We did this at: http://domains.interactivewebs.com/ So we registered the domain name, and set Domain Name Servers to: fserver2.fserver2.com fserver3.fserver3.com   2. Next we setup DNS servers for the domain name. and pointed the www.the-history-of-the-internet.com to the weebly website IP address that we have been assigned.   3. Then we updated the site settings in Weebly to accept the new domain name. 4. Then we setup a Google Analytics tracking code. and pasted that to the Weebly settings so that every page would be tracked. 5. Then we added… Read More »How We Setup–The History of The Internet

CRM Anywhere – CRM Q2 CY 2012 Service Update Now Live

CRM Anywhere Q2 CY 2012 Service Update Now Live   Microsoft CRM 2012 – CRM Anywhere Q2 2012   Preview some upcoming features in Q2 "R8" such as mobility, BI and Analytics enhancements from Reuben Krippner a MSFT Technical Product Management Lead in this video. One of the most talked about improvements in CRM Anywhere is the introduction of a new mobility component dubbed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile. Cross-Browser Support Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile isn’t the only reason Microsoft is calling the coming update CRM Anywhere. Users of CRM Online 2011 will now be able to access the application using the following browser versions (see below). To understand why this is so important for CRM Online 2011, let’s turn to a few third-party statistics on browser usage around the world. The following table compiles several different studies for easy comparison. You should notice that while Internet Explorer is definitely in… Read More »CRM Anywhere – CRM Q2 CY 2012 Service Update Now Live

ERROR The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections. RDP Solution

Using RDP from windows to access a remote server of Windows 2003. The problem sometimes appears that you cannot connect with an error reported as: ERROR The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections   The Problem The cause of this is that you have remote sessions that have not exited correctly. Either the connection to the server was lost, or the user simply clicked the close X at the top of the session. AND You have your settings in Terminal Server set to hold dropped or inactive sessions either for a period of time or forever.   To Solution At the Start Button on the computer where you would normally run Remote Desktop Connection from. Click Start Run Type in “mstsc.exe –admin” Then enter the connection details that you would normally use, and away you go.