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WHMCS Email Piping

WHMCS email piping for Support Ticket

How to Setup Email Piping in WHMCS via cPanel Email Setting up WHMCS email piping for Support Ticket generation from inbound emails. Email Piping in WHMCS allows you to receive email messages directly into your WHMCS support department. This allows customers to email you at an email address and rather than need to be connected to that email account, you will receive the messages as a new ticket into your WHMCS ticketing system. Sounds easy, and it is. But as the title suggests, you do need to pipe using the functions of your cPanel email system. WHMCS Setup for Email Piping to Support Ticket Login to your WHMCS system and navigate to: Setup > Support > Support Departments If you have not setup a support department yet, then this is the time to set up a department. Within these settings you configure the details of your department name, who can… Read More »WHMCS email piping for Support Ticket

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alphassl the requested property value is empty Exception for HRESULT 0x80094004

alphassl the requested property value is empty Exception for HRESULT 0x80094004 Problem When completing an Alphassl certificate install on IIS using the “Complete Certificate Request” you receive the error: There was an error while performing this operation.Details: The requested property value is empty. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80094004) Now this is a Typical Microsoft Error in that it really only has meaning to the person who created the error. For us end users stuck in this weird Microsoft world, the error message is trying to tell us that the Certificate you pointed to for the “Complete Certificate Request function in IIS is pointing to a .CER file that is not valid as a certificate for import. So at this point it is time to check what certificate you placed in the .CER file that you are trying to import. Solution In particular with Alphassl certificates, the process of completing a new… Read More »alphassl the requested property value is empty Exception for HRESULT 0x80094004

Windows PowerShell Module you receive NotSpecified: (:) [Import-Module], FileLoadException

Windows PowerShell Module you receive NotSpecified: (:) [Import-Module], FileLoadException This is a typical error for Modules that have been downloaded from the internet and are not given permission to run on the computer. The solution Really Easy.  Open PowerShell Navigate to the directory in the error message that contains the Module you intend to run. Running a command like: cd C:\Users\administrator\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\ACMESharp\ Then Run the Command:  Get-ChildItem . | Unblock-File This will set the module files to be able to be used by PowerShell That’s it. Now the module should run fine.

Creating a New User in Smarter Mail 9

Here are the steps to create a new user in Smarter Mail 9 Enterprise. Add New Email Address 1. Log into the webmail interface. as a mail administrator. 2. After Login, select the Settings Icon from the left hand menu. 3. Expand Domain Settings and Select Users. 4. From the Main Window, select New. 5. Fill in new user details with the following format. User Name:  firstname.lastname Pass: secure password Display Name: FirstName LastName Reply-To Email Address: Backup Email Address: Optional (Use Existing personal address of user if filled in) User Status: Enabled Mailbox Size Limit: 50 MB Enable Outgoing Mail Signing: Enabled 6. Click Save when complete.

Captivate SCORM reporting completed but not passed

Captivate SCORM Problems We have been playing in depth lately with some some of the Captivate SCORM outputs in an effort to better understand the SCORM Compliance and where Captivate falls down in this area. What we have found is very interesting and needs to be explained in detail to understand. The Problem Until recently, anyone who wanted to author SCORM-compliant content had few choices. Not many authoring programs existed and the technical knowledge to create compliant content was and, in fact, still is beyond the reach of most training developers. Now there are many affordable, easy to use content authoring programs to create SCORM-compliant content that can be deployed to learning management systems (LMS). Adobe, a leader in the multimedia authoring and programming industry, has recently thrown their hat into the ring and released Adobe Captivate – a SCORM-compliant authoring tool that includes screen capture, simulation, automated testing and… Read More »Captivate SCORM reporting completed but not passed

Remote Desktop mstsc.exe slow will not start windows 7

Had a painful problem today with the mstsc.exe application in Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate today. An otherwise happy install suddenly failing to start, or if is started it would be very slow. Once started, it would not close from the task manager, even if I killed the process with the end process. Initially I suspected that it was possibly a virus etc. However I found that there are a lot of people on the net with this exact problem. I then set about a solution, and figured on out myself, that involves replacing some of the files use by the MSTSC.EXE application. Basically there are 4 files that I replaced with the same version from another computer that was functional and healthy. They are: c:\windows\system32\ MSTSCAX.dll MSTSC.exe c:\windows\system32\EN-US\ MSTSCAX.dll.mui MSTSC.exe.mui I would create a .zip copy for download except I fear giving out some stored connection settings in the… Read More »Remote Desktop mstsc.exe slow will not start windows 7

SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain

One of the most common problems experienced by users of hosted email services is that they find they can only send email messages to their own domain. For Example, if you have two hosted email addresses: You find that you can successfully send an email message from one user to another, but when you try to send to any other domain: You find that the email messages do not send. Solution You need to enable “Authentication” in your configured email account settings. There are many client email programs, probably the most common is Outlook. When you configure an new POP3 email account you normally end up with something that looks like this: If you click on More Settings / Outgoing Server and just tick the option to use the same settings as the incoming mail server. This is all that is needed to enable outbound SMTP authentication.… Read More »SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain