December 2011

Remote Desktop mstsc.exe slow will not start windows 7

Had a painful problem today with the mstsc.exe application in Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate today. An otherwise happy install suddenly failing to start, or if is started it would be very slow. Once started, it would not close from the task manager, even if I killed the process with the end process. Initially I suspected that it was possibly a virus etc. However I found that there are a lot of people on the net with this exact problem. I then set about a solution, and figured on out myself, that involves replacing some of the files use by the MSTSC.EXE application. Basically there are 4 files that I replaced with the same version from another computer that was functional and healthy. They are: c:\windows\system32\ MSTSCAX.dll MSTSC.exe c:\windows\system32\EN-US\ MSTSCAX.dll.mui MSTSC.exe.mui I would create a .zip copy for download except I fear giving out some stored connection settings in the… Read More »Remote Desktop mstsc.exe slow will not start windows 7

Disable SSL 2.0 IIS 7 Windows 2008 64bit with CRM 2011 for PCI Compliance

PCI Failure Today we received notification during a PCI compliance check that our Microsoft CRM 2011 server was not PCI Compliant. The cause of the lack of compliance was due to the server accepting connections via an SSL v 2.0 protocol. Synopsis : The remote service encrypts traffic using a protocol with known weaknesses . Description : The remote service accepts connections encrypted using S S L 2.0, which reportedly suffers from several cryptographic flaws and has been deprecated for several years . An attacker may be able to exploit these issues to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks or decrypt communications between the affected service and clients . See also : Download File – ZipSource aper-ssl.pdf Solution: Consult the application’s documentation to dis able S S L 2.0 and us e S S L 3.0 or TLS 1.0 instead. Risk Factor: Medium / CVS S Bas e S core : 2… Read More »Disable SSL 2.0 IIS 7 Windows 2008 64bit with CRM 2011 for PCI Compliance

Invalid data reported–Analytics Report

We have found an issue that would prevent the Google Analytics report module from rendering in certain websites under certain conditions. The symptoms of the issue are that the module reports “invalid data” when you have configured the module settings. If you experience this error messages, then the solution is easy… Ensure you have a version of the module that is later than 45.06.02 – Available from our website as a download here: Then after updating, you need to check the option that says: “Render Chart from Control” This should allow the chart to report past the Invalid data error. The error relates to the DotNetNuke Alias redirection settings in the DNN Site Admin settings, and appears to be when a redirection has been defined in the settings. If the redirection is turned to none, this should also fix the error. Alternatively it appears to have been fixed in… Read More »Invalid data reported–Analytics Report