How to Fix Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop RDP Error Code 0x4

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How to Fix Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop RDP Error Code 0x4

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You have a Mac Computer and are running Microsoft Desktop (RDP) throws an Error code: 0x4 just randomly when you try to connect to a computer you have configured for connection.

For us, this problem just randomly started this year after Microsoft updated their RDP software. “Go Microsoft”

We have searched the web, and noticed that the suggestions to Reboot the computer, or restart the RDP software, or both. Do not appear to reliably work. Although we did have some luck with this.

Another suggestion was to copy or recreate the connection in RDP. Again, only limited success with this solution.

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The Fix for 0x4 Errors on Mac RDP Remote Desktop Connection

For us the solution came when we went into the system preferences of the Remote Desktop Connection

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And you will notice the default preferences look something like this.

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We simply unticked the “Use hardware acceleration when possible” check box.

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That’s it. After doing this you should notice that it fixes Mac RDP not connecting with 0x4 Errors.


10 thoughts on “How to Fix Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop RDP Error Code 0x4”

    1. InteractiveWebs Team

      I found it worked for a time then did not. Thanks for the feedback. Something else I tried was to right click on the connection listing and create a copy of the connection. A duplicate, then use this to connect. I have found that this does work. Annoying how MS continually unimproved things!

  1. I unclicked “Help improve remote desktop” as on the screenshot and now it’s working. So strange…

    1. InteractiveWebs Team

      Yeah… know what you mean. It worked for me for a bit, then stopped. Found myself having to at times “make a copy” of a connection and use the copy rather than the original connection to connect. Then at times I found only a reboot wold work.
      I really hate how Microsoft unimprove thing given enough time!

  2. I hope this may help others. I found that the problem was on the remote itself, a machine running Ubuntu/Linux. I did an “ssh” to the remote and restarted the xrdp deamon (something like “sudo /etc/init.d/xrdp restart”). After this, everything started working normally (notice that nothing was changed on the “preferences” settings).

    1. InteractiveWebs Team

      Not sure this is the problem for most people, as they are connecting to Windows systems.

  3. Same here, error 0x4. No amount of clicking, unclicking will allow Mac to connect. I can connect RDP using an old Windows 7 unit.

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