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All New Landrover Discovery 5 Winch Fitting D5

Fitting a Winch to a MY19 Discovery 5 Components Used Hidden Winch Tray Lucky 8 Proud Rhino Hidden Winch – I specifically asked for the model that had been slightly modified to fit the MY19 model. I know someone who had a tray from 2018 that struggled to fit the MY19 vehicle. Email communications with Lucky8 ensured the correct tray was sent. This is what arrived exactly. No bolts etc. As it turns out… you don’t need any. You will see later. Winch Domin8r x 12,000lb Winch with synthetic rope. – Note that as of 2020 there are two two Domin8r winches available. The one pictures and the Extreme. The extreme has an improved brake system and on inspection was a little larger in height. Because of this and the fact that I had seen images of the “standard” or orange rope version installed on this exact fit, I went… Read More »All New Landrover Discovery 5 Winch Fitting D5