November 2020

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SmarterMail Email Setup on iPhone (Exchange) – Interactivewebs

Setting up an iPhone for SmarterMail InteractiveWebs EmailThere are multiple ways you can connect to your InteractiveWebs email account. These methods include, POP3, IMAP, or EXCHANGE. This method covers the Exchange connection method.   What you will need: Your Email address: (not that the email address is also your user name) Your Email Account Password In this example we are using iOS 14, and as the domain with “servcie” being the email address. Note too that we have “Dark Mode” enabled for a black background look. Yours may look a little different. Open you iPhone and Select the Settings Icon Navigate to Mail Select Accounts   Select Add Account We are going to set this up as an EXCHANGE account. To do this we need to select “Microsoft Exchange” from the Add Account List.   Enter Your Email Address and a Description of your choice. This Description will… Read More »SmarterMail Email Setup on iPhone (Exchange) – Interactivewebs

Covid 19 Safe Web Design Service Sutherland

Business Website with COVID-19 Safe Meetings

We continue to provide Web Design and Web Development Services in Sutherland While some business need face to face to remain active, we are lucky that for 20 years we have been providing virtual meetings and online interaction for our website design services based in Sutherland Sydney Australia. This really comes as no great surprise, as the need to meet face to face to develop a website solution has only become less necessary over recent years as the rise of very stable internet connections and advance software allows us to interact with customers virtually. That all being the case, we are pleased to announce that we have in place a number of safe guards that allow us to meet with customers in person in a COVID-19 safe environment where we can all feel safe.

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Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag

Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/site.webmanifest on a WordPress Site Do you notice in the website order application that reports empty title tags on a page that ends in sight.manifest.    When you browse to the page in question you’ll find the code looks something like this on the page that loads. {“name”: “”,“short_name”: “”,“icons”: [{“src”: “/wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/android-chrome-192×192.png”,“sizes”: “192×192”,“type”: “image/png”},{“src”: “/wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/android-chrome-512×512.png”,“sizes”: “512×512”,“type”: “image/png”}],“theme_color”: “#ffffff”,“background_color”: “#ffffff”,“display”: “standalone”} Usually you will find that there is an associated Plugin called Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator that is responsible for generating a page in question. This plug-in is used to provide a favicon for your website. The good news is, that since early versions of WordPress 4 WordPress allows you usually within your thing to upload a favicon. There is some good information about installing a Favicon in WordPress here. We are using the Neve theme on our site, and the process may differ depending on… Read More »Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag