September 2010

DotNetNuke dnn Facebook Connector

We are letting a little secret out of the bag today about our Advanced Login Module for DNN. Part of the dnn module includes a connector to Facebook. This Facebook Connector for dot net nuke allows a DNN website to use Facebook connection to authorize an account for either signup or login to your dotnetnuke website. This feature is included free in our login module… But the Big News We have intentionally not secured that code with licensing. As such you can download the trial of our DNN Login Module and use the Fecebook Connector with your dotnetnuke portal for free. The module installs (with instructions included in the download package) and can be used with the default DNN login provider. You can use this module of ours without needing to install our advanced login module for dnn at all. So go nuts and enjoy the dnn facebook connector. If… Read More »DotNetNuke dnn Facebook Connector

Email Limits for web hosting providers

Mail server SMTP email send (rate) limit for popular web hosting providers Why do you need to know your web host’s SMTP email rate limit If you run a web site and you plan to send out mass emails (for example, a newsletter), it is advisable to send the emails using an authenticated SMTP mail server that matches the nameserver records for your own domain name. This way, your outgoing emails will not trigger anti-spam filters set to identify phishing emails or spammers. For example, if you run a web site at, our advice is to send the emails from a SMTP server name that resolves to the same domain name (like However, to prevent spam, many web host providers enforce email send rate limits to their customers. The goal of this article is to show you the email send rate limit and options for most popular web… Read More »Email Limits for web hosting providers

DNN Video Module

Today we launched a new domain for our DNN Video Module called Silverlight Video Library for DotNetNuke. Check out the details at: DotNetNuke (DNN) Silverlight Video Library 4.0 This custom module from InteractiveWebs is the most advanced Video module for DNN. Taking advantage of Silverlight 3.0 and offering advanced Silverlight features and rich end user experience. The speed and experience with the client side application is second to none as a video player. Full screen, chapter browsing, and streaming download experience is remarkable. This is the first DotNetNuke module to offer this advanced Silverlight functionality and is a taste of things to come in Custom DotNetNuke Module Development form InteractiveWebs.

Pivot Module for DotNetNuke

Microsoft Pivot Module for DotNetNuke Mine your DotNetNuke user accounts to spot trends in your accounts and signup history. Microsoft "Pivot" allows you to organize and display data like never before. The new technology recently released by Microsoft Labs is allowing the visualization of data that would otherwise be difficult to explore. Take a look at the Ted Talk Video below to understand this technology, and imagine how you could use it with your DotNetNuke membership data. There is nothing else that can sort and arrange data like Microsoft Pivot! We were inspired by the recent video shown on the website by Gary Flake. View the Microsoft Pivot Video First View our Pivot Video Second This video shows a new and revolutionary way of looking at and manipulating data on the web. We took this idea and decided that it would be cool to make a module that automatically… Read More »Pivot Module for DotNetNuke

DNN Flash

We have also launched the new domain: that provides a direct link to our DNN Flash module – Flash Board DNN Flash Board Module Add some flash to your DNN Website with this incredibly easy to use rotating flash banner style module. With the click of a button you can assign your own images to the flash component, and then create dynamic modifications to the menu and images to deliver a great looking and engaging module. This DotNetNuke module offers beginner users a reliable customizable flash experience in minutes.

DotNetNuke Flash Modules

We have a bunch of DotNetNuke Flash Modules at our new domain Flash Slide for DNN -  is an advanced module for DotNetNuke that allows you to add in interactive flash component to your website and edit its custom look and feel. Set your own images as slides Set your own icon images Set your own movie files to play in your slides Set your own text to overlay an image. See Settings Demo

How do I get the pivot server application to run on IIS 6

This is an extract from our DNN Pivot Module manual. Special Requirements IIS 6 (Windows 2000, 2003 Server) If you are running II6 and wish to access the Microsoft Pivot Labs technology, you will need to enable some special configurations. To do this: 1. Login to your web server and start IIS 2. Browse to your Web Site or Virtual Directory for the website in question and Rick Click selecting Properties. 3. Select the Home Directory Tab / Configuration 4. On the Mappings Tab, select Add 5. The following data depends on what type of server you are running. 64 bit vs 32 bit, and if you have .net 4 installed or not. The only thing that changes is the path for the .dll file. Add the following data: 64 Bit server with .Net 4 installed – Executable: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_isapi.dll Extension: .cxml Limit to: GET Script engine: checked Verify that file… Read More »How do I get the pivot server application to run on IIS 6

DNN Subscription Module

We have updated out DNN Subscription Module. DotNetNuke Subscriptions Module Not just another DotNetNuke Subscriptions module, but the most advanced dnn PayPal Subscriptions module. Now you can allow visitors to your DotNetNuke website to subscribe to products and services, with a professional jQuery pop-up style subscription system. You can allow automatic recurring subscriptions through the PayPal gateway, and include advanced VAT or GST tax calculations based on the origin of a user. You can allow automatic recurring subscriptions through the PayPal gateway, and include advanced VAT or GST tax calculations based on the origin of a user. These tax calculations interact with the user’s location to meet the most complex tax rules. The module includes an automatic DNN signup process for people who are new to your site and wish to subscribe. Rock Solid Reliability We have yeas of experience as custom DNN module developers. This module has gone through… Read More »DNN Subscription Module