September 2011

Working With Your New WordPress Blog Site for SEO Results

Posting to your WordPress Blog We recommend that you use Windows Live Writer to post to your WordPress blog site. Windows Live Writer (WLW) byMicrosoft is an application for composing and managing blog posts. You can write your posts offline and publish them later. There are many helpful tools in WLW that make creating popular posts easier: WYSIWIG using the theme of your blog Image manipulation Spell check Easy HTML tables Include maps from Virtual Earth Automatically syncs changes before re-editing posts Download the Windows Live Writer 2011 setup program. If you are using Windows XP you will need this Windows XP Version of Windows Live Writer. Select “Choose the programs you want to install.” Uncheck everything except for Writer. Click Install. You’ll be prompted to restart your computer once the install completes. Note: Please be patient while waiting for the install process. It can take several minutes to install… Read More »Working With Your New WordPress Blog Site for SEO Results

Sydney Based Search Engine Marketing Services

Not just a Search Engine Optimization Service, but a true Search Engine Marketing Solution. Search Engine Marketing The directed marketing of your websites towards producing a natural Google search results, using a range of SEM tricks and tools to deliver results for specific key words. Website Optimization The configuration and management of your website to ensure that it is correctly and effectively indexed by Google and other search engines. AdWords Management The management of your Google AdWords campaign to ensure that your advertising money delivers that maximum targeted "bang for your buck". Are you attracting visitors who want your product and are wanting to buy? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a highly specialized field of Online Marketing that analyses your company’s website, and provides proven tools and expertise to improve your website and its visibility in Google, Bing, and other Internet search engines. Improving your search engine performance and rankings… Read More »Sydney Based Search Engine Marketing Services

Aviation Airline News App for iPad / iPhone / Touch

Aviation Airline News App launch. We are pleased this week to announce the release of our latest iPhone / iPad / Touch App. The Aviation Airline News App. The app is a super covenant way to keep track of news and updates about a range of Airlines and Airline industry news, including: Airbus Boeing IATA ICAO Qantas Airways British Airways Virgin Australia United Airlines Cathay Pacific Singapore Airlines Delta Airlines United Airlines Southwest Airlines American Airlines Lufthansa Ryanair US Airways Emirates Continental Airlines If you are involved in the industry or just interested in what is going on, then this app is a great way to stay updated. See it on the App Store:

SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain

One of the most common problems experienced by users of hosted email services is that they find they can only send email messages to their own domain. For Example, if you have two hosted email addresses: You find that you can successfully send an email message from one user to another, but when you try to send to any other domain: You find that the email messages do not send. Solution You need to enable “Authentication” in your configured email account settings. There are many client email programs, probably the most common is Outlook. When you configure an new POP3 email account you normally end up with something that looks like this: If you click on More Settings / Outgoing Server and just tick the option to use the same settings as the incoming mail server. This is all that is needed to enable outbound SMTP authentication.… Read More »SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain

Financial Planning Advice in Sydney Owen Hodge

Today we launched a make over of the Owen Hodge Financial Planning website.   At Owen Hodge Financial Planning we offer advice and create solutions that fit your individual needs. Importantly, our clients have trusted us to deliver worthwhile advice for over 60 years. We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your financial needs and to offer worthwhile advice that you can benefit from, now and over the long term. Check out the new website at:

Your session in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is about to expire. CRM 2011 2013 Extend Session Time

Sick of seeing the message “Your session in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is about to expire. To continue working, you must sin in again.” and would like to extend the session time so as not to bother you as often? This is quite easy with an IFD setup of CRM 2011. We have an IFD configuration and setup that we use to test settings and some of our CRM Portal – Linking to DotNetNuke on. Taking the server as configured as described here: We ended up with an ADFS Relying Party Trust that is named “CRM IFD Relaying Party” This is the name we must use in the Windows PowerShell program to make the necessary changes. To Extend the Auto Logout of IFD CRM 2011 or 2013 1. Start Windows PowerShell 2. Copy and Paste the following command into PowerShell and hit enter (you can right click to paste): (Not… Read More »Your session in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is about to expire. CRM 2011 2013 Extend Session Time

CRM 2011 XRM Performance Problem IIS Dynamic Compression

Microsoft CRM 2011 allows XRM services that use application/soap+xml content type. When you install Microsoft CRM 2011 in an IFD / hosted environment, it is smart enough to automatically configure IIS gzip compression on the website. What it does not do, is configure the C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv\Config\applicationHost.config file to compress XRM calls out of the CRM database. In a test we were performing for an update to our Microsoft CRM 2011 Portal technology, we found that retrieving a list of around 20,000 items returned a 19 MB data package without gzip dynamic compression. Not huge but pretty big! What amazed us was that after enabling dynamic compression on the XRM data, this reduced from 19 MB to 890 KB, a huge performance improvement! We also noticed that the Microsoft Hosted CRM 2011 service already has this compression enabled, so we figured if it is good enough for them, then we should give… Read More »CRM 2011 XRM Performance Problem IIS Dynamic Compression

Turn off Microsoft CRM 2011 5000 limit on data retrieval via SDK

[gard] With CRM 4.0 and Microsoft CRM 2011 there is a default limit for the number items that can be retrieved when making various types of web service calls into the CRM. Typically this limit is set to 5000 but with some types of calls it will return 7000. In any case, the process to remove the limit and set it to 20,000 is very easy. On the server running CRM Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK. Locate and then select the following registry subkey:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value. Type TurnOffFetchThrottling, and then press ENTER. Right-click TurnOffFetchThrottling, and then click Modify. Type a number other than 0 in the Value data box, and then click OK. Note Step 6 lets you retrieve the number of records specified in the Count attribute of your fetch… Read More »Turn off Microsoft CRM 2011 5000 limit on data retrieval via SDK