January 2011

Migrating Virtual Server 2005 VHD to Hyper V

  There are a few little tips that I have learned the hard way this week while getting ready for a server data centre move. When migrating from a Virtual Server 2005 to a Hyper V server, you must ensure that you uninstall the Virtual Machine add on tools for Virtual server first. If you do not, you will find that the Hyper V tools will not install until the other package is removed. And that mouse control is not available until these tools are installed. We all know what a pain in the rear end it is to work a Windows server without a mouse. It is much easier if you do it as the last thing before shitting down the VHD before moving it.

Add Recaptcha to DotNetNuke

How to easily add recaptcha to your dotnetnuke website.  Easy… grab the latest version of Advanced Login module for DotNetNuke and you are on your way. We have enabled recaptcha in DotNetNuke with this module, making it as easy as ever to use the feature in your website. The advanced login module is available from our free dotnetnuke module download page.

Verizon iPhone Official Announcement

Today we’re partnering with a giant of the industry…and that’s Apple." As Verizon finally and officially announce the partnership between Apple and Verizon for the iPhone. At a press conference in New York City today, Verizon said it will soon begin selling Apple’s iPhone. The device will be available on its network starting in early February, COO Lowell McAdam said. It’s the same iPhone 4 that AT&T currently sells except that it connects to the CDMA network instead of GSM. While Steve Jobs did not join McAdam on stage for the announcement, Apple COO Tim Cook did. He told the gathering of press that Apple is "very excited to bring the iPhone to Verizon’s 93 million customers and new customers who want to use the iPhone 4 on Verizon." Speculation that a Verizon iPhone announcement was coming today had been rampant following a press invitation from the carrier announcing a… Read More »Verizon iPhone Official Announcement

Apple Time Capsule Flashing Amber

Today I noticed an amber light flashing on my time capsule. Normally I would just rip a power cord out of a device like this and power up again. Today was different. I was having so much fun making my first iPhone app on my mac, I bothered to stop and think… when was the last time something Apple just funked out for no reason (try never). So I jumped Google for a first hit response. Time Capsule Flashing Amber = Could be there is a software upgrade available for the time capsule. How do you check? Applications –> Utilities –> Airport Utility, you’ll see this:   Click the update button and you are done. Go Mac!