August 2011

Sydney Photography Website Launched

Today we have launched a new Sydney Photography Website for John Armytage Photography. One of Sydney’s newest professional photography specialists, John has launched this website to support the sale of some of the tremendous photos he takes. Check out all the details at:

Who uses WordPress for their Blog… Microsoft!

Who uses WordPress for their Blog… Microsoft! Bouncing around the place today putting some updates to the Microsoft News App for iPhone and iPad. One of the big sites for information and news around Microsoft for Mac products is naturally their own website.   What we did find interesting was the blog site on this Microsoft web page: Is actually running on WordPress. Which makes perfect sense to us, as we run the website blog on WordPress too. It really is so good for blogs, that at this time there is nothing better around. We like it so much that we are recommending it to all our clients as a supportive SEO / SEM tool to bring hits to their site. We have setup our on server environment specifically for blog sites (and can offer hosted WordPress sites). Just like the fact that good old Microsoft has dumped… Read More »Who uses WordPress for their Blog… Microsoft!

Joomla News App–Ready for iPad and iPhone

This week we have launched our newest iPhone and iPad App. Joomla News. The app is an easy to way to stay informed with the Joomla community. Download the App now form iTunes   Some of our other iPhone Apps are here: Microsoft News Details – Daily Ranks – Rank History Joomla News Details – Daily Ranks – Rank History WordPress News Details – Daily Ranks – Rank History TF2 HQ – News for Team Fortress 2 Details – Daily Ranks – Rank History DNN News – DotNetNuke News Details – Daily Ranks – Rank History Hey! Reminder Details – Daily Ranks – Rank History iWebs News – InteractiveWebs DotNetNuke News Details – Daily Ranks – Rank History

How to stop – Only secure content is displayed in IE9 message

If you use IE9, you must be familiar with this message: “Only secure content is displayed.” This kind of messages are implemented by Microsoft because they want to inform you that you are about to access some unsecured content on a website. This is actually a security purpose message. Unfortunately, this kind of messages are more often annoying or unnecessary than useful. Internet explorer show this message when the same website page contain both secured and unsecured content: in this way, some unsecured scripts may have access to secured data on that page. Same thing happens when you play a game (unsecured scripts) on Facebook and want to publish that game information on your wall (secured action). 1. Launch Internet Explorer. 2. Go to Tools -> Internet Options. Then, navigate to Security tab. 3. Click on “Custom level” button. 4. Search for “Display mixed content” under Miscellaneous section. Change it… Read More »How to stop – Only secure content is displayed in IE9 message

DotNetNuke 6 Gets Blog Module

We have updated our popular Mushroom Lite module that is used to integrate WordPress blogs module into DotNetNuke. The module is now ready for use on DotNetNuke 6x versions, and can be seen here: pulling feeds directly from our blog here:

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InteractiveWebs Email Setup–Outlook 2010 Encrypted

To configure an encrypted IMAP connection to InteractivWebs Email servers follow the setup below. New Account Next Next Enter: Your Name Your Domain Email address in the format: Your Password (as used to access webmail) Next Comes up with a message about encryption. That’s expected Tick the Manually Configure server Settings (bottom left) Next More Settings OK Update Both the Incoming and Outgoing servers to: Finish Your New IMAP Account is configured with Encrypted Communications.