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Team Foundation Server 2017 HTTP code 413: Request Entity Too Large

Team Foundation Server 2017 HTTP code 413: Request Entity Too Large

While working with a new out of the box TFS 2017, the following error was given when uploading files that were 11 MEG. Not particularly big, but hay this is Microsoft. I say this having wasted a lot of time trying to get the RTM version of TFS 2017 to work, only to find out that web site login is broken out of the box, and SP1 fixed my issues. (Back to the Balmer days!).

Anyway the configuration we are using that would appear to make a difference here is that we took on the Microsoft suggestion at setup to use HTPS and SSL. So using the self signing certificates forcing the SSL connection, we find that the out of the box setup for Team Foundation Server 2017 with SP1 installed has this error on large file upload.

The FiX

  • Open IISNavigate under Team Foundation Web Site
  • Scroll down to Management and open Configuration EditorSelect following section (drop down at the top) system.webServer and expand it,
  • then locate serverRuntimeyou’ll
  • find there the current value of uploadReadAheadSize value, which you can change. We found that the default value was 49512 – We changed it to: 89152 
  • HTTP code 413: Request Entity Too Large
  • Apply your changes in the top right
      Screenshot 2017 04 19 18 27 59
  • Then in a command prompts – Ran “iisreset”
  • Problem fixed

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