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Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag

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Website Auditor Reports Empty Title Tag wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/site.webmanifest on a WordPress Site

Do you notice in the website order application that reports empty title tags on a page that ends in sight.manifest. 

Website order to reports empty title tags


When you browse to the page in question you’ll find the code looks something like this on the page that loads.

“name”: “”,
“short_name”: “”,
“icons”: [
“src”: “/wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/android-chrome-192×192.png”,
“sizes”: “192×192”,
“type”: “image/png”
“src”: “/wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/android-chrome-512×512.png”,
“sizes”: “512×512”,
“type”: “image/png”
“theme_color”: “#ffffff”,
“background_color”: “#ffffff”,
“display”: “standalone”

Usually you will find that there is an associated Plugin called Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator that is responsible for generating a page in question. This plug-in is used to provide a favicon for your website.

The good news is, that since early versions of WordPress 4 WordPress allows you usually within your thing to upload a favicon. There is some good information about installing a Favicon in WordPress here.

We are using the Neve theme on our site, and the process may differ depending on your theme an the support they have for favicon.

To Fix this

we go to: Appearance >> Customise >> Header >> Change Logo

How to Add a Vavicon to WordPress

Down the Bottom there is a Site Icon Setting where you can Change the image.

Wordpres Change Favicon image with png

Know what the site specifically needs is a square that is ideally 512×512 pixels. We found the easiest way to generate this on the Mac is using an application that we got from the App Store called icon Set Creator, which is a simple icon generating application that is designed for developers if iOs and Mac Apps. It is perfect as it does all the sizing and squaring of the image automatically. When we select the output as macOS, some of the images that are auto generated include a 512×512 image that is perfectly optimised for use as a favicon image.

icon set creator ecample

We just use the output from this to create the favicon in the settings above. 

Then if you are using the Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator plugin in WordPress, be rue to deactivate it and potentially uninstall it.

Deactivate the Favicon Plugin

That should get the error removed from the SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor report.

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