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Why is SSL Necessary for your Website and the Benefits of using SSL Certificates

Securing your Website with SSL
Importance of SSL Encryption on your Website

Why you need SSL security on your Website in 2020

Is the implementation of SSL important for your website? The answer to that is simply YES…

And we are about to list some of the common reasons that SSL encryption on your website is more important than ever.

But first, let’s explain exactly what SSL encryption is…


What is SSL/TSL Encryption

Putting is simply, is is when you access a website using HTTPS:// before the address in place of HTTP://.

Websites that use https:/// are using some cleaver encryption that ensures that information sent to the website browsers and from the website browser to the website is secured and cannot be intercepted by people spying on your connection.

Sites without this encryption send information back and forth as plain text. Making it super simple for anyone who is looking at this information to read all of it.

This includes passwords (and we all know we use the same passwords on different sites), to personal information such as when filling in a form. Email Address, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Numbers etc are just some of the information we want to ensure remains secure.

1. Customer Experience

SSL Website Warning Messages

Since 2018, when Google made SSL/TSL mandatory. Most web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge will throw warnings to customers who try and access your websites.

Some warnings are subtle, but others can be quite significant and you may not be aware of this if you are not using the same browser and computer system as your customers.

The above image is some of the examples of warnings that your customers can get from your website when it is not secure.

We actually see the removal of user warnings as the Number 1. Reason to implement SSL on your website.

2. SSL Gives you Better Search Engine Rankings

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Way back in 2014, Google made changes that included SSL in the algorithm for search engine rankings.

So simply put… your site will rank better with SSL that without, and subsequently you can expect more people to browser your site.

There have been many studies that confirm that. One of these studies is by

So SSL helps you get to the First Page of Google. Something everyone wants in their industry.

3. SSL/TSL Will Protect Data of your Users

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The entire reason that Google gives better rankings for sites with SSL/TSL encryption, and the reason that they throw warnings to users who visit sites without this encryption is that they are encouraging all of us to be secure with Data.

SSL will help protect your site, and your users data from the huge army of users who try to attack it on a daily basis. Many of our customers and web users would not be aware of just how prolific hacking is and how real the threat is.

Our website for example receives around 7000 hack attempts a week. If one of these hack attempts are cleaver enough, and your site is not using SSL, then it is not too difficult with freely available hacking tools to gain data such as passwords entered as a user logs into your site.

Adding SSL to your website makes the monitoring of passwords and other information almost impossible.

4. SSL ensures you are legal with PCI/DSS Requirements

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Many Countries like Australia, Europe, UK, and the USA all require that people taking payment on the web comply with PCI / DSS standards.

One of the core functions of taking payments on a Website is to do it in a way that does not put the user of the site at risk of theft of their details.

Using SSL/TSL security is a cornerstone of encrypting data for your website users. In most first world countries, this is a legal requirement and the PCI DSS standards are used as a minimum standard for web security for sites that take payments.

5. Improves Customer Trust in your Brand

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Building Trust in your Brand is important. Sometimes with customers this is something that you can build over time.

For Web users, the experience of trust starts with the first Impressions.

Security on a Website with SSL is the first point that customers make judgments about how seriously you take security and how they will trust you with their data.

If you throw a security warning to every Firefox user who hits your site, then you are starting the user experience saying you do not value their data.

Simply the trust in your brand start from a position of mistrust if you are not using SSL.

6. SSL Afirms your Identity

SSL Identity Proof

One of the most important processes of implementing SSL on your Website is the validation of Domain Ownership.

This step proves that the SSL certificate that has been implemented is part of the Brand, Company and Domain that is using the certificate.

This is the second primary task for the SSL implementation, and although we rank it in 6th place, it could be argued that it is super important as it proves to users that your site is “real” and not someone else pretending to represent your company.

We take care of this validation process on your behalf when we implement SSL on your site.

Implement your SSL today with InteractiveWebs

Order Your SSL Security Today

Adding SSL Security to your InteractiveWebs hosted website has never been easier.

Place the order with us, and we will implement everything for you.

  • Validation of your Domain
  • Validation of your Website
  • Validation of your Business
  • Ordering of the SSL
  • Implementation of the SSL Certificate on your Website
  • Forcing Traffic to use https:// when users enter your site
  • Checking that your site reports correctly for users
  • Repeating this Process with Renewals

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