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How Clear Cache in Mautic 3x in cPanel

How Clear Cache in Mautic 3x in cPanel So if you are working with Mautic 3.1 like we are as of today, and you are installing modules that connect to the Mautic API, you will find that after you make Custom Fields Editable Or Enable the API for Mautic in CONFIGURATION / API SETTINGS   That you will then need to clear the Cache directory of Mautic before your other Applications will be able to connect to the API. Now we are using cPanel and have access in there to the File manager. Easier than running an SSH command is to go into the director: var/cache in the Mautic directory. In our case here we have it in a directory or folder named marketing. You will see a bunch of files here like this: Just delete all of these files from the cache folder.  That’s it. You should then be… Read More »How Clear Cache in Mautic 3x in cPanel

Securing your Website with SSL

Why is SSL Necessary for your Website and the Benefits of using SSL Certificates

Why you need SSL security on your Website in 2020 Is the implementation of SSL important for your website? The answer to that is simply YES… And we are about to list some of the common reasons that SSL encryption on your website is more important than ever. But first, let’s explain exactly what SSL encryption is… What is SSL/TSL Encryption Putting is simply, is is when you access a website using HTTPS:// before the address in place of HTTP://. Websites that use https:/// are using some cleaver encryption that ensures that information sent to the website browsers and from the website browser to the website is secured and cannot be intercepted by people spying on your connection. Sites without this encryption send information back and forth as plain text. Making it super simple for anyone who is looking at this information to read all of it. This includes passwords… Read More »Why is SSL Necessary for your Website and the Benefits of using SSL Certificates


Hot To Enable TLS 1.2 in Windows Server 2008 or 2016

Hot To Enable TLS 1.2 in Windows Server 2008 or 2016 We previously had a post that handled this solutions called: How to Enable TLS 1.2 on Windows 2008 R2 This post is an update to how the enable and Mange TLS 1.2 on Windows Servers. The reason for the update is because we now use a free tool when we are managing our servers. But first some background.  What you need to know about TLS 1.2 According to…–schannel-ssp- TLS 1.2 client and server are enabled by default. But… …says Turns out it is, but not enabled for SCHANNEL service Hence you MUST follow… Please articulate this! Say… You can enable and disable SSL 2.0 and 3.0 and TLS versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 using Manage SSL Protocols in AD FS. On Windows Server 2016, to use TLS 1.2, you must explicity enable it by following instructions at… Read More »Hot To Enable TLS 1.2 in Windows Server 2008 or 2016

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Free SSL Certificates on IIS Using – Certify The Web

How to Set Up Free SSL Certificates on IIS Using – Certify The Web Using SSL to secure your website these days is very important. Many browsers throw messages to users who visit sites that are http:// and not https://. Although these warning can be ignored, they are concerning for users who do not understand the meaning of a browser when they say something like “This Site is Not Secure”. It is kind of unprofessional too for hosts not to offer to install SSL certificates for their clients. The solution and the How to Set Up Free SSL Certificates on IIS Using – Certify The Web is really rather easy. On your Windows server running IIS and your website in question, browse to: Certify The Web Download And access the download.  Run the download as an Administrator user either logged in as one or “Run as Administrator” Accept the Agreement and… Read More »Free SSL Certificates on IIS Using – Certify The Web

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How To Fix – SPF Too many included lookups Failure

The Solution to the 10 DNS Query Limit with SPF records. How To Fix – SPF Too many included lookups Failure. The problem you may have is something like this. You use a tool like our two favourite tools here: 1. MXToolbox SPF Checker 2. DMARCLY SPF Tool And they return the error that you have: Too many included lookups (16) Or The SPF record exceeds the 10 DNS query limit, which results in deteriorated email deliverability. Use DMARCLY’s Safe SPF feature to fix this issue. This error is generated by your SPF record referring more than 10 times to look up a DNS record while resolving your SPF record. You can look around the web a bit more for why this limit is in place, but you need to know that if you SPF record fails with these types of messages when testing, that the entire SPF record is… Read More »How To Fix – SPF Too many included lookups Failure

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How to Stop Adobe Acrobat DC Displays Please wait while the document is being prepared for reading

How to Stop Adobe Acrobat DC Displays Please wait while the document is being prepared for reading every time you open any PDF on your Mac So I am on a Mac, and recently I noticed that an update to the Adobe DC makes the application display this little annoying message every time you open a PDF document of any size. It is particularly annoying and does not appear to be associated with any actual action. Even on a single page of text, the progress bar does nothing. Most of the instruction around the place are for a Windows PC and read something like this: All you have to is change a quick setting: Open Acrobat Reader and hit Ctrl+K (or Select “Edit” then “Preferences” from the drop-down menu) Click on the “Reading” tab under the “Categories” column on the left. Select the “Screen Reader Options” section, select the “Only… Read More »How to Stop Adobe Acrobat DC Displays Please wait while the document is being prepared for reading

Mautic Linking and Email to Form Filling

Mautic Email with Button that Links Contact Email to Pre-populates Email Form

Mautic Email with Button that Links Contact Email to Pre-populates Email Form The goal here is actually a little more complex. Essentially what we’re trying to do is to take some pre-populated contact details that we have entered into Mautic as a method of making initial contact. For example this might be simply entering an email to generate a contact inside of the application. What we would like to do however is to drive the recipient of the email through a web form to fill out additional data that will then be collected back into the initial contact record inside the program. This is actually quite easy to do, it does however require that you use the email field as a way of linking. the following instructions explain it quite clearly. First you need to create a form and make sure that you add the email field. If you don’t… Read More »Mautic Email with Button that Links Contact Email to Pre-populates Email Form


Mautic 3.1 SES API Setup for Sending

How to Change Mautic Settings to SES API from SES SMTP Assuming that you have setup Mautic to send email messages using Amazon SES, you may have noticed that Mautic 3.1 now includes the ability to send using the AWS SES API rather than the SES SMTP for sending. The advantage this offers is simply the speed that you can blast out. The SES API is reportedly 14 X faster for sending emails than the SMTP service. We originally followed this video: Send Marketing Emails For Basically Zero Dollars – Mautic + AWS SES Which frankly is terrific for setting ups SES in Mautic After Upgrading to Mautic 3.1 After you run the update to Mautic 3.1 it is time to setup access in your AWS SES for API access. If you are using Amazon SES in us-west-2 as we are, then you simply go to this address.$new?step=details Enter… Read More »Mautic 3.1 SES API Setup for Sending

WHMCS Email Piping

WHMCS email piping for Support Ticket

How to Setup Email Piping in WHMCS via cPanel Email Setting up WHMCS email piping for Support Ticket generation from inbound emails. Email Piping in WHMCS allows you to receive email messages directly into your WHMCS support department. This allows customers to email you at an email address and rather than need to be connected to that email account, you will receive the messages as a new ticket into your WHMCS ticketing system. Sounds easy, and it is. But as the title suggests, you do need to pipe using the functions of your cPanel email system. WHMCS Setup for Email Piping to Support Ticket Login to your WHMCS system and navigate to: Setup > Support > Support Departments If you have not setup a support department yet, then this is the time to set up a department. Within these settings you configure the details of your department name, who can… Read More »WHMCS email piping for Support Ticket

DKIM on Exchange

Setting up DKIM for Exchange Server for DMARC

Setting up DKIM for Exchange Server Out of the box Exchange Server does not support DKIM signing. And it doesn’t look like Microsoft has any intention of adding this feature any time soon. So for now the best way to implement DKIM signing is via third party a plugin. What is DKIM? DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an email security standard designed to make sure messages weren’t altered in transit between the sending and recipient servers. It uses public-key cryptography to sign email with a private key as it leaves a sending server. Recipient servers can then use a public key published to a domain’s DNS to verify the source of the message, and that the body of the message hasn’t changed during transit. Once the hash made with the private key is verified with the public key by the recipient server, the message passes DKIM and is considered authentic.… Read More »Setting up DKIM for Exchange Server for DMARC

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All New Landrover Discovery 5 Winch Fitting D5

Fitting a Winch to a MY19 Discovery 5 Components Used Hidden Winch Tray Lucky 8 Proud Rhino Hidden Winch – I specifically asked for the model that had been slightly modified to fit the MY19 model. I know someone who had a tray from 2018 that struggled to fit the MY19 vehicle. Email communications with Lucky8 ensured the correct tray was sent. This is what arrived exactly. No bolts etc. As it turns out… you don’t need any. You will see later. Winch Domin8r x 12,000lb Winch with synthetic rope. – Note that as of 2020 there are two two Domin8r winches available. The one pictures and the Extreme. The extreme has an improved brake system and on inspection was a little larger in height. Because of this and the fact that I had seen images of the “standard” or orange rope version installed on this exact fit, I went… Read More »All New Landrover Discovery 5 Winch Fitting D5

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InteractiveWebs Email Setup Smatermail – Outlook 365 Windows

Setting up Outlook 365 to access InteractiveWebs SmarterMail services   When adding an account, select the advanced options after entering your email address. Select IMAP from the Advanced Setup Select NO. You do not want to continue using the certificate. Select Change Account Settings   Enter the following setup. (As of October 2020 we suggest you use your own domain name as we have changed our system to support this). with Security enabled for both incoming and outgoing services. Password as advised. And you are done!

Redirection Module in IIS

SmarterMail Force HTTPS

Setting up an HTTP/HTTPS redirect in IIS Once the SSL certificate is installed, your site still remains accessible via a regular insecure HTTP connection. To connect securely, visitors must specify the https:// prefix manually when entering your site’s address in their browsers. In order to force a secure connection on your website, it is necessary to set up a certain HTTP/HTTPS redirection rule. This way, anyone who enters your site using a link like “” will be redirected to “” or “” (depending on your choice) making the traffic encrypted between the server and the client side.  Below are steps to setup a IIS HTTPS redirect: Download and install the “URL Rewrite” module. Open the “IIS Manager” console and select the website you would like to apply the redirection to in the left-side menu: Double-click on the “URL Rewrite” icon. Click “Add Rule(s)” in the right-side menu. Select “Blank Rule” in… Read More »SmarterMail Force HTTPS