How We Setup–The History of The Internet

This is how we setup a Website for a School Project about The History of the Internet. We first researched the hits for “The History of the Internet” as a search term in Google. What we found is that there are 450,000 searches each month for this term. We hope to capture some of that traffic. 1. Registered the Domain Name: We did this at: So we registered the domain name, and set Domain Name Servers to:   2. Next we setup DNS servers for the domain name. and pointed the to the weebly website IP address that we have been assigned.   3. Then we updated the site settings… Read More »How We Setup–The History of The Internet

Working With Your New WordPress Blog Site for SEO Results

Posting to your WordPress Blog We recommend that you use Windows Live Writer to post to your WordPress blog site. Windows Live Writer (WLW) byMicrosoft is an application for composing and managing blog posts. You can write your posts offline and publish them later. There are many helpful tools in WLW that make creating popular posts easier: WYSIWIG using the theme of your blog Image manipulation Spell check Easy HTML tables Include maps from Virtual Earth Automatically syncs changes before re-editing posts Download the Windows Live Writer 2011 setup program. If you are using Windows XP you will need this Windows XP Version of Windows Live Writer. Select “Choose the programs you want to install.”… Read More »Working With Your New WordPress Blog Site for SEO Results

Sydney Based Search Engine Marketing Services

Not just a Search Engine Optimization Service, but a true Search Engine Marketing Solution. Search Engine Marketing The directed marketing of your websites towards producing a natural Google search results, using a range of SEM tricks and tools to deliver results for specific key words. Website Optimization The configuration and management of your website to ensure that it is correctly and effectively indexed by Google and other search engines. AdWords Management The management of your Google AdWords campaign to ensure that your advertising money delivers that maximum targeted "bang for your buck". Are you attracting visitors who want your product and are wanting to buy? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a highly specialized field of… Read More »Sydney Based Search Engine Marketing Services