E-mail Tips

Changing SMTP Port 25 to a non blocked port

How to Change Port 25 in your email client Sometime your ISP will block port 25 and prevent you from sending SMTP email on that port. Your email service provider may ask you to change the port being used to something other than port 25.   Most email programs have configuration settings like this: Where on the Advanced Tab or similar depending on the email program in question there are settings for the outgoing SMTP server. To change the SMTP port from 25 to 587 for example you just replace this: Click OK and you are done. Note: It should be noted that the port number to use must be provided to you by your… Read More »Changing SMTP Port 25 to a non blocked port

SmarterMail Automatic Reply Email Message

Setup Auto Reply (Auto-Responder) in SmarterMail To configure Auto-Reply in SmarterMail, you login to the webmail account you wish to setup a reply for. https://mail.interactivewebs.com Login with the email address of the account in question, and the password provided. Then Select Settings / autoresponder Select the Enable auto-responder / then the Auto-Responder Message tab Type your Subject / Message Then click Save, and you are done!

SmarterMail Autodiscover setup configuration

Setup of SmarterMail Autodiscover configuration A simple understanding of autodiscover is that it is the configuration necessary to allow advanced email programs like macmail and outlook to configure themselves with only an email address and password. No more telling clients all the server settings necessary to get them all setup. At least that is the theory. Exchange server has supported it for some time, but configuration under a multi domain setup is a total pain in the butt. Typical off MS to dream something up, then balls it up in the implementation. SmarterMail does a much better job of it. Configuration is virtually non existent, it basically just works. http://portal.smartertools.com/KB/a2415/set-up-auto-discovery-with-smartermail.aspx But their article is a… Read More »SmarterMail Autodiscover setup configuration

SmarterMail with Exchange Web Services

The email solutions we provide at InteractiveWebs is capable of using a more advanced connection technology than POP3 and IMAP. Known as Exchange Web Services, the technology is a covenant and robust way of connecting to the mail servers. The Idea All your email, calendars, contacts, and notes will reside on our mail servers. Your devices (computers, laptops, iPhones, and iPads) will link to our servers. This way, every device will see the same information at all times. If you view a message on one device, then you can see that message “as viewed” on all your other devices.   Limitations We have elected to use the latest technology for this service. At this time… Read More »SmarterMail with Exchange Web Services

SmarterMail Setup Anti-Spam Tools and Tips

E-Mail Anti-Spam Settings – Using Only SmarterMail Anti-Spam Tools and No Wizard Beginning with SmarterMail 6, SmarterTools began incorporating some very powerful tools into the SmarterMail e-mail server software which made the control of undesired SPAM much easier. Prior to version 6 of the SmarterMail software, it was necessary to maintain blacklists, build complicated tables of undesired words, phrases, IP address, e-mail addresses, and domains – all of which changed almost every hour. The spammers knew the ISPs and e-mail server operators were up against a wall and, in spite of new state and federal regulations being put into place almost daily, continued to churn out ever more junk mail because they were unconcerned with… Read More »SmarterMail Setup Anti-Spam Tools and Tips

Bulk Email Messaging and Bounce Back Monitoring

The Bulk Email module for DotNetNuke has a feature known as Bounce Email Monitoring, and it is probably a good idea to understand what it does and how it does it so we can explain how best to configure it. Sending a Bulk Email Message When an email message is generated using the DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module, a list of all the email addresses that you have selected from multiple sources is generated into a database. The lists that you select can include. Website Users Custom Lists that you import Microsoft CRM Marketing Lists Imported contacts from email programs Custom typed email address Once the list is complied, email addresses are removed. Duplications Email addresses… Read More »Bulk Email Messaging and Bounce Back Monitoring

Outlook Hangs (stops responding) Opening Email Messages Sent from PayPal

[gard] Outlook hangs caused by PayPal messages template fault In just the last few days, I have started experiencing some issues with Outlook when opening messages sent from PayPal. This is happening with the recent versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. Some of the indications of the problem include. Outlook taking longer than normal to open. Outlook with “Reading Pane” on Outlook Stops Responding when clicking on an email from PayPal. If you wait a long time, it will come good, and even show the email message. If you are impatient and cancel out of outlook, your reading pane is gone when you next open it. When loading Outlook you receive a… Read More »Outlook Hangs (stops responding) Opening Email Messages Sent from PayPal

SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain

One of the most common problems experienced by users of hosted email services is that they find they can only send email messages to their own domain. For Example, if you have two hosted email addresses: ted@mybusiness.com john@mybusiness.com You find that you can successfully send an email message from one user to another, but when you try to send to any other domain: anything@hotmail.com You find that the email messages do not send. Solution You need to enable “Authentication” in your configured email account settings. There are many client email programs, probably the most common is Outlook. When you configure an new POP3 email account you normally end up with something that looks like this:… Read More »SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain

Understanding SMTP in DotNetNuke

DNN SMTP Settings DNN Websites have the ability to configure in the host settings an SMTP server. When a DNN email is generated from the DNN website, it will attempt to send mail through this SMTP server. In order that your DNN website can successfully send the email, the SMTP server must allow the email message to be received. Typically this is done in one of four ways. The SMTP server is configured for Open Relay (This should NEVER be done unless you have an external firewall blocking all external SMTP connections. Otherwise your mail server will become a spam server within hours) SMTP Authentication – Typically SMTP servers are configured to allow users with… Read More »Understanding SMTP in DotNetNuke

Removing IP from AOL email Black List postmaster

I’m finding the AOL process really really annoying. We have been trying to clear up blacklist and reputation problems with a new IP range that was previously abused. AOL have some tools that pretend to help. What you need to know is this. 1. Ensure your mail server IP has a RDNS – so when you do an NS lookup on the IP address it will show a name, like smtp.interactivewebs.com 2. Setup an email account like abuse@ or postmaster@  that domain. Make sure you get that mail. 3. Ensure that you verify with AOL that you are the admin for that RDNS lookup name. That is by submitting a ticket called Feedback Loop here:… Read More »Removing IP from AOL email Black List postmaster

Problem with moving email servers to new IP

We have discovered a rather annoying email problem this week. Because of a closure of a data centre we have used for over 10 years, we have been forced to pickup our servers and move them over to a new data centre. As annoying and as much work as this is, we have found one particular issue with the change of our primary email servers over to a new IP. In recent years, there has been a new emergence of spam email fighting systems. Cisco is using it’s power of basically routing almost every bit of data on the internet to directly monitor IP addresses real time. They call this senderbase.org and is part of… Read More »Problem with moving email servers to new IP

How to turn off NDR’s in Exchange 2003

Understanding non-delivery reports NDR or Non Delivery Reports are potentially a great way of telling a user that they made a typo with an email address and that the email could not be delivered. In a 1999 world, this would be fine. However we are in a world now where email servers are flooded with spam, and lots of it, replying to every junk email that is hitting all the imaginary email addresses on your server (support@, admin@ help@ etc) is not a good idea, and it causes what is known as backscatter. To avoid this back scatter of invalid email delivery from your server it is recommended that you turn off your Non Delivery… Read More »How to turn off NDR’s in Exchange 2003