Adding Application Pool Identity in IIS to a Folder


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Whenever a new application pool is created, IIS creates a security identifier (SID) that represents the name of the application pool itself. For example, if you create an application pool with the name “Smartcrypt,” a security identifier with the name “Smartcrypt” is created in Windows. Resources can be secured by using this identity. However, the identity is not a real user account and will not show up as a user in the Windows User Management Console.

This can be configured by selecting a folder in Windows Explorer and adding the “Smartcrypt” identity to the folder’s Access Control List (ACL).

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Select the directory the Smartcrypt Manager is installed under (eg: c:\web\mds)
  3. Right click the directory and select Properties
  4. Select the Security tab
  5. Click the Edit button and then Add button
  6. Click the Locations button and make sure that you select your computer.
  7. Enter IIS AppPool\<myappoolname> (eg: IIS AppPool\smartcrypt) in the Enter the object names to select: text box.
  8. Click the Check Names button and click OK.
  9. Check Modify under the Allow column, and click OK, and OK.

By doing this, the file or directory you selected will now also allow the Smartcrypt identity access.


You can do this via the command-line by using the ICACLS tool. The following example gives modify access to the Smartcrypt identity to the folder C:\web\mds and all contents.

ICACLS "C:\web\mds" /grant "IIS AppPool\Smartcrypt":M /t

Creating a New OpenCart Deployment on a Windows Server IIS

We are going to cover the deployment of an OpenCart (open source shopping cart) on a Windows 2003 Server, 2008 Server.

We are assuming that the server is setup to run IIS websites, and that you have some general idea about running websites in general on IIS. If this is not the case and you are learning from scratch. Better to learn on Linux server.

Assuming you want to get OpenCart running on IIS.


Step 1 – Web Platform Installer

Install the Microsoft Web Platform Installer on the server from this link.

In Windows 2003 you need to:

Go to the directory on your server: C:\php

Find the file: php.ini

Edit the file in a text browser, finding the following lines:




And remove the ; before each line:


Then save the file.

Start a Command Prompt “cmd” and type “iisreset”


This enabled MySQL, GD, and cURL,


Step 2 – Setup PHP on the server.

Start the Web Platform Installer and search PHP in the top right of the search window.

Select and install the latest version of PHP from the list.



Step 3 – Install MySQL on the server.

Also from the Web Platform Installer, search “MySQL” and install that.


During the install, you will be asked for a password for the –root- user. This is the Administrator account and the password should be very well guarded and complex.


Step 4 – Create a Database in MySQL.

Open the My SQL Command Line Tool and enter the –root- password selected above.


Modify the following script to replace the database name, user name and password.

create database mydb;
CREATE USER ‘myuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypassword‘;
CREATE USER ‘myuser‘@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypassword’;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON mydb.* TO ‘myuser‘@’localhost’;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON mydb.* TO ‘myuser‘@’%’;

Enter your own values where highlighted above.

Copy and paste that line by line into the MySQL Command Line Window. You only need to run one from the first two, then one from the second two.

If you need to change a password.

SET PASSWORD FOR 'myuser'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('newpass');

SET PASSWORD FOR 'myuser'@'%' = PASSWORD('newpass');



Step 5 – Download and unzip to Web Located Folder the contents of OpenCart

Download here:

The contents of the download package is in a folder called “upload”


Extracted in our case to a folder we called:



Step 6 – Create an IIS instance to hit that directory.

Using the IIS skills that we suggested you should have. Create a new site that hits the directory you dropped the Upload contents to above.


For Windows make sure the following folders and files permissions allow Read and Write.


Step 7 – Set the permissions for IIS.

From the Exploring, Right click the folder with the web files in it, and select Security Tab. Modify the permissions for:

IUSR – Modify (you will probably need to add this)


IIS_IUSRS(<servername>\IIS_IUSRS) – modify



Step 8 – Visit the home page.

Visit the store homepage
e.g. or

Accept the license


Check the permissions you need.


Fill in the following details with the relevant information.


Using the MYSQL database settings you created above.


As per the instruction above, you need to delete the Instillation directory.



Step 9 – Deleted this directory.

Restart IIS from the command prompt again. “iisreset”

Common problem if permissions are not set correctly.

Financial Planning Advice in Sydney Owen Hodge

Today we launched a make over of the Owen Hodge Financial Planning website.



At Owen Hodge Financial Planning we offer advice and create solutions that fit your individual needs. Importantly, our clients have trusted us to deliver worthwhile advice for over 60 years.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your financial needs and to offer worthwhile advice that you can benefit from, now and over the long term.

Check out the new website at:

Event Woodfired Pizza Catering Service Melbourne

imageToday we launched a new website for Event Woodfired Pizza a Melbourne based catering service that provides services throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

The company provides a range of woodfired pizza options, and is a terrific option of catering of parties and public events.

They have two domains:  and

Both sites will point to their website

If you are looking for:

  • Catering for parties functions or events anywhere and anytime;
  • Catering for 50 to 500 people;
  • Over 20 different gourmet pizzas to choose from;
  • Market Fresh Ingredients;
  • Try our delicious dessert pizzas;
  • We can create a "themed" pizza unique to your event;
  • Fully serviced Liquor License;

Then we suggest this service.

E-Learning SCORM Website Hosting and Setup in Sydney Australia

Today we have completed the setup of an Advanced E-Learning SCORM compliant web technology that is perfect for the hosting and management of E-Learning online courses.
The services on offer in e-learning include:

  1. Setup of custom e-learning website.
  2. Setup of e-learning courses online.
  3. Setup of online sales of courses, with automatic management of sales and course access.
  4. Hosting of broad bandwidth course content.
  5. Advanced integration between e-learning and students.
  6. Bulk Email and automatic email management to students.
  7. Integration between Customer Relationship Management and Students.
  8. Course Reporting.
  9. Scorm Compliant

And a lot more. There is literally nothing we cannot do now in relation to the provision of e-learning coursers and content online.
So if you are in the market for a scorm hosting service or e-learning solution. Please get in contact with interactiveWebs.
Here are some screen shots of our latest setup.

DotNetNuke Upgrade Error on Snowcovered

Noticed this today:

DotNetNuke Upgrade Error

The Assembly Version ( [ASSEMBLYVERSION] ) does not match the Database Version ( [DATABASEVERSION] )
ERROR: Could not connect to database.
Cannot open database "Snowcovered2" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user ‘snowcovered’.


It appears that the professionals have troubles too!

Strange from an admin point of view that their Database Connector name would be something as obvious as “snowcovered”.  I wonder if their pass is “dotnetnuke”?


HSV GTO & GTS Coupe (December 2001)

GTS Rim HSV believes the GTO and GTS Coupe, based on the Holden Monaro coupe, will turn the high performance luxury market on its head

The Coupes, officially unveiled at HSV’s state of the art new headquarters in Clayton, VIC, will sell for $73,750 and $94,750 respectively. And HSV managing director John Crennan believes it’s the high-end Europeans that should be worried.

"I believe that, if the HSV Coupe was released as is but with BMW badges, the price would be $150,000-plus." He sites BMW’s M3 coupe and M5 sedan, as well as high performance metal from Mercedes-Benz, as potential victims at the altar of HSV’s first ever two-door.

Bold stuff, indeed.

Whether mentioning the HSV Coupe range in the same breath as established supercars from Germany is a clever marketing association, or an honest appraisal of the Coupe’s ability remains to be seen. HSV plans to begin production of the GTO Coupe in January, and the GTS in February, with deliveries starting soon after.

The HSV Coupe bodykit was the work of TWR designer Neil Simpson, long time apprentice to Iam Callum, the man credited with developing HSV’s aggressively elegant VT bodykits. Simpson’s other works include the VU Maloo ute, and the incredible 6.2 litre HRT concept Maloo seen at the 2001 Sydney show.

Simpson believes the Coupe embodies "restrained aggression", developing the beautifully simplistic design of Holden’s Mike Simcoe into a typical HSV head-turner. The front air-dam, side skirts and rear spoiler are all designed to make a statement – der! – and to give the Coupe a ground huggingstance. The overhanging rear spoiler was deliberately kept low to the boot to give the perception of speed even at rest.

There’s every reason to expect the HSV Coupe’s dynamics to live up to the styling promise. Restrained aggression indeed. This is one seriously potent package, from the highly tuned engine and suspension to the to-die for bodykit. Add HSV’s 15 years of expertise, the tie in to HRT and its pool of Australia’s best V8 drivers, and you begin to understand why HSV products are the most lusted after cars in Australia.

But first, the range: HSV will sell two Coupes, badged the HSV GTO Coupe, and the HSV GTS Coupe.

The GTO Coupe is powered by a 5.7 litre LS1 alloy V8 engine tuned for 255kiloWatts, and mated to a four speed automatic or six speed manual transmission. Suspension is Monaro in geometry, which means MacPherson struts, coil springs and stabiliser bar up front, Control Link IRS in the rear, and fettled by HSV and reigning V8 supercar champion Mark Skaife to produce what Skaifey reckons is the "best handling HSV ever".

HSV was able to capitalise on the Monaro’s increased tortional rigidity and reduced rear weight bias to ‘soften off’ the rear suspension without sacrificing the Coupe’s neutral handling characteristic. In turn a quicker steering rack was fitted to speed up steering response and reduce turns lock-to-lock.

High performance 18in tyres dress stylish five spoke alloy wheels, specifically designed to evoke memories of those originally worn by the HK Monaro 327. Other historical touches include badge styling and those trademark slots – or gills – in the side skirts.

The interior of the HSV Coupe is not a place for shy, retiring types. Bright, bold trim colours include Red, Yellow and Tan and are co-ordinated to the exterior colour. Seat backs are finished in high contrast colours with two new textures, one to replicate a race suit, the other a medievil chainmail suit. Yes, you read right.

An 8-speaker, 10-stack CD player is standard in the GTO, as well as climate control air-conditioning, electrically adjustable drivers’ seat with 3 memory settings – in fact, electric everything – and remote central locking with rolling code engine immobiliser.

The GTS Coupe, the flagship of the HSV Coupe range, is truly a beast of a car. The 5.7 litre V8 engine gets all sorts of Callaway sourced goodies to raise power to a dizzying 300kiloWatts, mated only to the Quick Shift six speed manual gearbox. HSV reckons the GTS will accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5.5 seconds, and cover the quarter mile in a blistering 13.3 seconds.

Befitting a car of such stratospheric performance, the GTS gets one of the biggest tyre and brake packages ever seen on an Australian made car. Massive 19in 5-spoke alloy wheels shod with high performance Pirelli P-Zero tyres have the unenviable task of handling the GTS’s prodigious power. And the brakes are equally huge: 373mm cross drilled, grooved discs with six-piston calipers are fitted up front, and 343mm cross drilled, groozed discs with 4-piston calipers are fitted in the rear.

The suspension also gets a boost, biased further towards performance and handling at the expense of a softer, more luxurious ride.

The GTS is externally distinguished from the GTO by the contrasting colour accents on the front and rear bumpers and side skirts. A low-key roof spoiler sits atop the rear windscreen, and Bosch parking proximity sensors are fitted to the rear bumper.

The GTS gets its own unique instrument cluster surround, along with a shift light and buzzer, alloy-like steering wheel and stainless steel pedals.

Chicago hair salon

Looking for a Chicargo hair salon

New to your area and need to find a stylist? You have come to the right place! You can filter the search by selecting as few or as many fields as you would like. For example, select "Michigan" in the "state" field and "Royal Oak" in the "city" field and click submit to view all of the stylists who have signed up with us and work in that city.

Can’t remember your stylist’s last name? Simply enter your stylist’s first name and click submit. If your stylist is a member on our website, his or her name will appear on the search result page. Simply click on their name to view their profile!

Check out the stylist finder

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