SmarterMail Automatic Reply Email Message

Setup Auto Reply (Auto-Responder) in SmarterMail To configure Auto-Reply in SmarterMail, you login to the webmail account you wish to setup a reply for. Login with the email address of the account in question, and the password provided. Then Select Settings / autoresponder Select the Enable auto-responder / then the Auto-Responder Message tab Type your Subject / Message Then click Save, and you are done!

SmarterMail Autodiscover setup configuration

Setup of SmarterMail Autodiscover configuration A simple understanding of autodiscover is that it is the configuration necessary to allow advanced email programs like macmail and outlook to configure themselves with only an email address and password. No more telling clients all the server settings necessary to get them all setup. At least that is the theory. Exchange server has supported it for some time, but configuration under a multi domain setup is a total pain in the butt. Typical off MS to dream something up, then balls it up in the implementation. SmarterMail does a much better job of it. Configuration is virtually non existent, it basically just works. But their article is a little skimp for the non server admins.. so this is a step through course. Assuming that you are using Microsoft DNS server for your DNS hosting (and I realise that most probably don’t but it… Read More »SmarterMail Autodiscover setup configuration

SmarterMail Setup Anti-Spam Tools and Tips

E-Mail Anti-Spam Settings – Using Only SmarterMail Anti-Spam Tools and No Wizard Beginning with SmarterMail 6, SmarterTools began incorporating some very powerful tools into the SmarterMail e-mail server software which made the control of undesired SPAM much easier. Prior to version 6 of the SmarterMail software, it was necessary to maintain blacklists, build complicated tables of undesired words, phrases, IP address, e-mail addresses, and domains – all of which changed almost every hour. The spammers knew the ISPs and e-mail server operators were up against a wall and, in spite of new state and federal regulations being put into place almost daily, continued to churn out ever more junk mail because they were unconcerned with being stopped or caught. With the introduction of SmarterMail version 6, the tide began to turn in favor of the e-mail server operators. Between the more frequent adaptation of SPF, the general requirement of large… Read More »SmarterMail Setup Anti-Spam Tools and Tips

Creating a New User in Smarter Mail 9

Here are the steps to create a new user in Smarter Mail 9 Enterprise. Add New Email Address 1. Log into the webmail interface. as a mail administrator. 2. After Login, select the Settings Icon from the left hand menu. 3. Expand Domain Settings and Select Users. 4. From the Main Window, select New. 5. Fill in new user details with the following format. User Name:  firstname.lastname Pass: secure password Display Name: FirstName LastName Reply-To Email Address: Backup Email Address: Optional (Use Existing personal address of user if filled in) User Status: Enabled Mailbox Size Limit: 50 MB Enable Outgoing Mail Signing: Enabled 6. Click Save when complete.