Who uses WordPress for their Blog… Microsoft!

Who uses WordPress for their Blog… Microsoft! Bouncing around the place today putting some updates to the Microsoft News App for iPhone and iPad. One of the big sites for information and news around Microsoft for Mac products is naturally their own website.   What we did find interesting was the blog site on this Microsoft web page: Is actually running on WordPress. Which makes perfect sense to us, as we run the website blog on WordPress too. It really is so good for blogs, that at this time there is nothing better around. We like it so much that we are recommending it to all our clients as a supportive SEO / SEM tool to bring hits to their site. We have setup our on server environment specifically for blog sites (and can offer hosted WordPress sites). Just like the fact that good old Microsoft has dumped… Read More »Who uses WordPress for their Blog… Microsoft!

How to stop – Only secure content is displayed in IE9 message

If you use IE9, you must be familiar with this message: “Only secure content is displayed.” This kind of messages are implemented by Microsoft because they want to inform you that you are about to access some unsecured content on a website. This is actually a security purpose message. Unfortunately, this kind of messages are more often annoying or unnecessary than useful. Internet explorer show this message when the same website page contain both secured and unsecured content: in this way, some unsecured scripts may have access to secured data on that page. Same thing happens when you play a game (unsecured scripts) on Facebook and want to publish that game information on your wall (secured action). 1. Launch Internet Explorer. 2. Go to Tools -> Internet Options. Then, navigate to Security tab. 3. Click on “Custom level” button. 4. Search for “Display mixed content” under Miscellaneous section. Change it… Read More »How to stop – Only secure content is displayed in IE9 message

Should I Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

They Say They say the best technology is the technology you don’t notice. This is most definitely true for a lot of truly revolutionary technologies. Take the fuel management system on the Airbus A380. Constantly moving and controlling distribution of fuels around multiple systems, taking into account best distribution for weight and balance, safety, economy, possible errors and general automation of management. A truly great example of technology that is unnoticed, and just goes about doing what it was designed to do well. Then there is Windows 7 SP1 Before installing the update, you have to realise that Windows 7 is actually the in house patched (fixed up) version of the off shore experiment that went so terribly wrong for Microsoft. Windows Vista. With almost no new features in Windows 7, you could really call it the true SP1 to that junk they called Vista. That in effect makes this… Read More »Should I Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Microsoft Publisher .pub files on a Mac

I was asked the question today. How do I open some Microsoft Publisher files with the .pub extension on my shiny new Mac. The answer is that you cannot really do this unless you have a virtual windows machine running in your Mac. This is something that a lot of people do after they convert over from Windows to Mac, because they feel lost without the BSD (Blue Screens of Death) and the constant security messages. “Would you like to open the web page that you just asked to open”. “Would you like the web page that you just acknowledged that you want to open to open.” “Do you realise that content on the web is insecure and may harm your junk Windows machine?” “Would you like to remember these settings?” Well guess what, you can’t because you don’t have the permissions as the only user on the computer to… Read More »Microsoft Publisher .pub files on a Mac

Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011

This cracks me up. Some time ago, someone at Microsoft decided to add our team to the “metro” early adopter program for CRM 4.0 We never did anything, asked for anything and frankly could care less what is going on with Microsoft. Like we would want to throw our lives away testing Microsoft Beta releases! Anyway, from time to time I get messages from the metro team like this: Hello, We are writing from the Metro Early Adopter Program. Thank you for your Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011. The Dynamics CRM 2011 early adopter program has been shipped and is no longer accepting nominations. For this reason you, “” haven’t been approved to join this program. The Metro Early Adopter Program continues to add new programs throughout the year. Please go to the Metro Connect site ( if you would like to join other… Read More »Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011