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How to stop – Only secure content is displayed in IE9 message


If you use IE9, you must be familiar with this message: “Only secure content is displayed.”


This kind of messages are implemented by Microsoft because they want to inform you that you are about to access some unsecured content on a website. This is actually a security purpose message. Unfortunately, this kind of messages are more often annoying or unnecessary than useful. Internet explorer show this message when the same website page contain both secured and unsecured content: in this way, some unsecured scripts may have access to secured data on that page. Same thing happens when you play a game (unsecured scripts) on Facebook and want to publish that game information on your wall (secured action).

1. Launch Internet Explorer.
2. Go to Tools -> Internet Options.

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Then, navigate to Security tab.

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3. Click on “Custom level” button.

4. Search for “Display mixed content” under Miscellaneous section. Change it to enable.

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Select Yes and that’s all.


4 thoughts on “How to stop – Only secure content is displayed in IE9 message”

  1. Thanks for the quick hint! This completely resolved my user’s issue while trying to run a report on a third-party finance app our company uses.

  2. Hi,
    I had the same problem but in my case the solution was different. It was due to a wrong configuration in the CRM Database. I have described how to fix it in my blog :
    From my perspective allowing mixed content is not really a solution, because you don’t fix the root cause of the problem. If you configured CRM to use HTTPS, it simply should not use HTTP…
    Hope this will help someone. And congrats for your blog, he is just amazing, really.

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