InteractiveWebs Email (smartermail) With Mac Mail Exchange Connection

Mac Mail using Exchange Connection to SmarterMail InteractiveWebs To Set up your mac mail with and Exchange Connection using Mac Mail you will need to follow these instructions carefully. On your Mac, open System Preferences. Click Internet accounts. Click Exchange. Complete the display name, full email address and password fields. Click Sign In. Ensure that you’re email address is et for your User Name, and Type the internal and external URL to read: Click Sign In. An account summary screen will display. You can select or unselect any features that you do not wish to sync. Click Done. Click Add Account.

SmarterMail Automatic Reply Email Message

Setup Auto Reply (Auto-Responder) in SmarterMail To configure Auto-Reply in SmarterMail, you login to the webmail account you wish to setup a reply for. Login with the email address of the account in question, and the password provided. Then Select Settings / autoresponder Select the Enable auto-responder / then the Auto-Responder Message tab Type your Subject / Message Then click Save, and you are done!