Event Woodfired Pizza Catering Service Melbourne

imageToday we launched a new website for Event Woodfired Pizza a Melbourne based catering service that provides services throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

The company provides a range of woodfired pizza options, and is a terrific option of catering of parties and public events.

They have two domains: www.eventwoodfiredpizza.com  and www.eventwoodfiredpizza.com.au

Both sites will point to their website

If you are looking for:

  • Catering for parties functions or events anywhere and anytime;
  • Catering for 50 to 500 people;
  • Over 20 different gourmet pizzas to choose from;
  • Market Fresh Ingredients;
  • Try our delicious dessert pizzas;
  • We can create a "themed" pizza unique to your event;
  • Fully serviced Liquor License;

Then we suggest this service.

1 thought on “Event Woodfired Pizza Catering Service Melbourne”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I’m interested in this catering because me and my friends love pizza. And we are planning to celebrate our reunion and we are looking for a nice catering service and I think that this is perfect for us, specially they served different flavors of pizza. I’ll share this to my friends.

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