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Opencart – HTTP Error 500.50 – URL Rewrite Module Error 0x80070005 Handler StaticFile

Problem 500 – Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.   While working with Opencart shopping cart on an IIS server, we encountered this while browsing to a static image file that was uploaded as a website logo file. Solution The problem turned out to be related to IIS permissions. The folder structure hosting the website needed: IIS_IUSRS(<servername>\IIS_IUSRS) – modify to include Modify permissions. As per this article: Once we fixed that the problems all were solved.

Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x80072EE7) yourself–solved.

We were receiving this error constantly when trying to run either the Microsoft Update service or Windows update service. Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x80072EE7) yourself. Solution (fix) As you would expect, there is no help from Microsoft here. We found that the DNS server for the internet connection on this machine was pointing to a local server of ours. We changed this to the Google free DNS service: IP IP And ran the update process again. We found that it worked right away. The likely cause relates to the DNS server we host being unable to look up something Microsoft correctly. We will fix that by updating the way that the server references Microsoft resources. But for now, it is handy to know that the error above was related to a DNS problem.

Windows 2008 File Content Search resx files–Solution

Today I was trying to achieve something that was simple in Windows 3.1. Searching a directory in Windows, and checking the content of files for the search term. In this instance, I was searching something from the content of a Web Server directory that contained some resx files. These files are used in a DotNetNuke website to deliver language content to a module. In every version of Windows up until the "Mac Version” (that is the version that makes you get a mac… i.e. Vista). the ability to search was easy. Now, in Windows 2008 server, they have replicated the crap that they call search in Windows 7. So basically no one know how to resolve some strange results. I search the net and found many solutions, but non worked for me. This appears to be one solution: (but who knows) Open Server Manager and select Roles in the left… Read More »Windows 2008 File Content Search resx files–Solution

Windows 2008 Server IE Security Warnings All the Frigging Time!

Ever wondered how to stop IE from giving you the Add Site messages all the time on a windows 2008 Server? Open Server Manager Under Security Click – Configure ESC And Just Turn it Off! Yeah it is a little less secure when roaming the net. But I don’t roam the net on a server anyway! and yeah it is an overkill to turn it all off rather than tame it down…, but I was not the lame programmer who came up with a system so annoying that by the time you turn it off you are just pleased to see the end of the dam thing. Kind of rings like UAC in Vista… [youtube=] Just one more reason to consider a mac! (Mind you it is better in Vista SP2…. sorry did I say Vista, I meant Windows 7)