turn off exchange ndr

How to turn off NDR’s in Exchange 2003

Understanding non-delivery reports NDR or Non Delivery Reports are potentially a great way of telling a user that they made a typo with an email address and that the email could not be delivered. In a 1999 world, this would be fine. However we are in a world now where email servers are flooded with spam, and lots of it, replying to every junk email that is hitting all the imaginary email addresses on your server (support@, admin@ help@ etc) is not a good idea, and it causes what is known as backscatter. To avoid this back scatter of invalid email delivery from your server it is recommended that you turn off your Non Delivery Reports NDR. To do this in Exchange 2003 you need to perform the folloing: 1. Open Exchange System Manager 2. Expand Global Setting and Click on Internet Message Formats 3. In the right hand pane,… Read More »How to turn off NDR’s in Exchange 2003