The History of The Internet

How We Setup–The History of The Internet

This is how we setup a Website for a School Project about The History of the Internet. We first researched the hits for “The History of the Internet” as a search term in Google. What we found is that there are 450,000 searches each month for this term. We hope to capture some of that traffic. 1. Registered the Domain Name: We did this at: So we registered the domain name, and set Domain Name Servers to:   2. Next we setup DNS servers for the domain name. and pointed the to the weebly website IP address that we have been assigned.   3. Then we updated the site settings in Weebly to accept the new domain name. 4. Then we setup a Google Analytics tracking code. and pasted that to the Weebly settings so that every page would be tracked. 5. Then we added… Read More »How We Setup–The History of The Internet