silverlight and crm

Microsoft CRM 2011 and Custom Silverlight Development

I noticed a question today on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM discussion site asking “is there anyone who is not trying to sell me their product, that has done something interesting with CRM and Silverlight?” Well yes there is… InteractiveWebs have done several interesting projects with Silverlight as an interface to Microsoft CRM. One of the most interesting of these is a Silverlight membership login system for a grain trading company based in Australia. The business is an organisation that trades produce in a similar way to how shares are traded in the stock market. The difference being that the commodity being traded has been grown by “growers” (farmers) and represents the produce that their farm has for sale in the open grain trade market. Interestingly, Microsoft CRM is being used entirely for the backend management of this trading. This is quite complex in it’s design as you can imagine would… Read More »Microsoft CRM 2011 and Custom Silverlight Development

DotNetNuke Modules with a difference (Silverlight and CRM)

We have recently finished development of a rather special DNN module. What makes this particular DotNetNuke module different from the 23 existing publically released DotNetNuke Modules is the fact that this is heavily dependent on Silverlight and is integrating directly to Microsoft CRM from DotNetNuke to provide membership services. We have done and continue to do advanced Silverlight developments into DotNetNuke Modules, having developed products like Silerlight Media Player, and Silverlight Video Library. This latest dnn module however is really something that we are proud of. Known as the Agfarm Membership Module the module functions in the following way: 1. Simple design interface, as was our clients instructions, but easy and clean to use with the Silverlgiht. The system will hit directly onto Microsoft CRM for all information, and although in some cases the data returns are based on several hundreds of thousands of records, the return is fast. Within… Read More »DotNetNuke Modules with a difference (Silverlight and CRM)