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Outlook 365

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InteractiveWebs Email Setup Smatermail – Outlook 365 Windows

Setting up Outlook 365 to access InteractiveWebs SmarterMail services   When adding an account, select the advanced options after entering your email address. Select IMAP from the Advanced Setup Select NO. You do not want to continue using the certificate. Select Change Account Settings   Enter the following setup. (As of October 2020 we suggest you use your own domain name as we have changed our system to support this). with Security enabled for both incoming and outgoing services. Password as advised. And you are done!

Outlook 365 Keeps Prompting for Password After August 2017

Outlook 365 Keeps Prompting for Password After August 2017 In August 2017 Microsoft released another version of Outlook for Office 365 for PC that caused a major problem for people connecting to Exchange 2016 servers. This problems is all to do with the AutoDiscovery setup that Outlook uses. Microsoft appear to have set outlook to use their Office 365 servers as an initial point of setup configuration regardless of how you have configured AutoDiscovery. The bottom line is that outlook keeps trying to authenticate agains office365 and not your own server. While this is a known issue, as of January 2018 it has not been fixed in the next version of Outlook. The Fix There are two fixes, and either one should work. We suggest Fix 1 Fix 1 First one involves setting a registry entry on the computer experiencing the issue. To fix this issue, create a text file and… Read More »Outlook 365 Keeps Prompting for Password After August 2017