DotNetNuke (dnn) jQuery problems admin menu

DotNetNuke jQuery Problems Recently there was an update to jQuery that caused some problems with DotNetNuke. The problems include: Strange or missing popup effects in custom jQuery modules Admin menu hiding the menu items on Standard DNN Dark Knight Skin Modules using jQuery failing to function as desired The Problem The problem is associated with some bugs in the jQuery released and hosted googleapis. The bugs are not related to DotNetNuke directly but the jQuery used in many instances of jQuery. The Solution The solution is an easy one. You just need to login to your DotNetNuke website with a Host Account, and modify the jQuery settings under the HOST / ADVANCED SETTINGS to a more recent and bug free version of jQuery UI.   Pasting this URL: https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.8.23/jquery-ui.min.js into the “Hosted jQuery UI URL" and ensuring the “Use Hosted jQuery Version” is ticked.

DotNetNuke Modules–Under the hood UI and jQuery

We have been working to improve the UI of our dnn modules in recent times. This has included extensive updates to the backend administrator management. We have struggled for a long time to find a solution that actually works well for us and well for our clients. The problem has always been the fragmentation of web technologies and browsers. Browser brands, versions, libraries, server technologies, uptake of new technologies like Silverlight etc has all been issues for us. It’s one thing for us to develop a great solution, only to find that others struggle to have it implemented correctly. Silverlight is a classic example of this. Versions of SL and operating systems like mac vs pc really make a difference. What we came up with JQuery was the solution. Now that DotNetNuke had the core library built into the CMS, we are able to use it and find that most… Read More »DotNetNuke Modules–Under the hood UI and jQuery