Google Analytics

Invalid data reported–Analytics Report

We have found an issue that would prevent the Google Analytics report module from rendering in certain websites under certain conditions. The symptoms of the issue are that the module reports “invalid data” when you have configured the module settings. If you experience this error messages, then the solution is easy… Ensure you have a version of the module that is later than 45.06.02 – Available from our website as a download here: Then after updating, you need to check the option that says: “Render Chart from Control” This should allow the chart to report past the Invalid data error. The error relates to the DotNetNuke Alias redirection settings in the DNN Site Admin settings, and appears to be when a redirection has been defined in the settings. If the redirection is turned to none, this should also fix the error. Alternatively it appears to have been fixed in… Read More »Invalid data reported–Analytics Report

Google Analytics Update

DotNetNuke (DNN) Analytics Report Module Google Analytics Report Module allows you to display your Google Analytics Graphs in a custom module on your DNN website. This allows you to use the Google Analytics free service with your client’s websites, and deliver the results directly to the client without them leaving the DNN platform. This effectively replaces the DNN site log data with a neat flash colour graph of the Analytics Report data. Now you can have advanced analytics data in your site and have it appear to be part of the DotNetNuke Module Platform that you deliver to clients. This is another Custom Module for DotNetNuke by InteractiveWebs. Pull Google Analytics Data The module will pull Google Data directly from your Google account and display the data directly in your website. Flash Graphic The module displays the important Analytics data in a Adobe Flash graph directly on your DNN website.… Read More »Google Analytics Update