Exchange Web Services

SmarterMail with Exchange Web Services

The email solutions we provide at InteractiveWebs is capable of using a more advanced connection technology than POP3 and IMAP. Known as Exchange Web Services, the technology is a covenant and robust way of connecting to the mail servers. The Idea All your email, calendars, contacts, and notes will reside on our mail servers. Your devices (computers, laptops, iPhones, and iPads) will link to our servers. This way, every device will see the same information at all times. If you view a message on one device, then you can see that message “as viewed” on all your other devices.   Limitations We have elected to use the latest technology for this service. At this time the only software that connect to Exchange Web Services are: Mac Mail – Snow Leopard, Lion and later Outlook 2011 -  Mac and later Outlook 2012 – Windows and later   How to setup Exchange… Read More »SmarterMail with Exchange Web Services