Exchange Server 2003

View Message Headers Source Exchange OWA Webmail 2003

We wanted to allow the viewing of message headers in Exchange server 2003 webmail or OWA (Outlook Web Access). What we were chasing was a users persistent spam problem, even though we are routing their mail through an advanced online filter. What we suspected was that they have a malware virus and were sending the spam to themselves via a connected client. The easy way for us to view the headers was to login to the webmail as the client, and view message headers to check out this theory. Only Exchange server 2003 does not normally allow the access of viewing message headers. We found a solution that linked to the download of a JS file that is controlling message view options on exchange. The solution was provided by  Copyright (c) Siegfried Weber. However all the links to his file: failed to load. Being the smart boys we are..… Read More »View Message Headers Source Exchange OWA Webmail 2003