Email Setup

Changing SMTP Port 25 to a non blocked port

How to Change Port 25 in your email client Sometime your ISP will block port 25 and prevent you from sending SMTP email on that port. Your email service provider may ask you to change the port being used to something other than port 25.   Most email programs have configuration settings like this: Where on the Advanced Tab or similar depending on the email program in question there are settings for the outgoing SMTP server. To change the SMTP port from 25 to 587 for example you just replace this: Click OK and you are done. Note: It should be noted that the port number to use must be provided to you by your Email ISP.

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InteractiveWebs Email Setup–Outlook 2010 Encrypted

To configure an encrypted IMAP connection to InteractivWebs Email servers follow the setup below. New Account Next Next Enter: Your Name Your Domain Email address in the format: Your Password (as used to access webmail) Next Comes up with a message about encryption. That’s expected Tick the Manually Configure server Settings (bottom left) Next More Settings OK Update Both the Incoming and Outgoing servers to: Finish Your New IMAP Account is configured with Encrypted Communications.