DotNetNuke User Registration

DotNetNuke User Login Module–Advanced Login

We have release some great new features with our Advanced Login and Registration module for DotNetNuke. The module can be downloaded from our site in a trial that works 100%. You can test and play with the module, then purchase from Snowcovered our our site if you wish to purchase.   The module allows for a fantastic user login and registration experience, with complete control over all aspects of the look and feel and the effectiveness.       We have completely redone the UI for the module: This helps make the complicated custom options really easy to understand, and helps users with the different modes of the module. Additionally we have added new features that can be viewed here: Some of the new features include: Custom Role Registration during Signup Additional Questions / Answers during password retrieval Custom form messages for during signup and login Detection of duplication… Read More »DotNetNuke User Login Module–Advanced Login

DotNetNuke Custom Registration Form

With the Advanced Login Module for DNN, you can customize your users login experience with a custom registration form, and run it with a jQuery style popup effect. Custom Registration Form With the Advanced Login Module for DotNetNuke, you can create a custom template using our in module template system. Within the registration form you can add tokens for any of the DotNetNuke site profile items that are marked as visible. To see a list of the profile items that are available as tokens, expand the Registration Form Tokens and click the “here” This will show the tokens that can be used on your site. If you add more profile data to the DotNetNuke profile properties area (and mark them as visible) then you will automatically add them to the list of profile tokens available for use in the Advanced Login registration template. Required Fields If you wish to force… Read More »DotNetNuke Custom Registration Form