DotNetNuke Modules

Network You – New DotNetNuke YouTube Video Module

Recently we launched a new website called Network You. The site can be found at Of particular interest on the site is a new module or ours soon to be released to the DotNetNuke Community called Mushroom Video Module. The module will feed Youtube Play Lists from directly into your site in an easy to manage and easy to use video feed.   The end result of the feeds looks like this: With the video feeds being selected directly from a play list selector button that referenced a YouTube account name. The module also uses the template system developed by InteractiveWebs for the display system that allows simple to load templates to be customized to the users requirements. An example of the module with multiple feeds onto a single page is this one: We will be releasing the module to the public in the next… Read More »Network You – New DotNetNuke YouTube Video Module

Mushroom Lite Module for DotNetNuke

Mushroom Lite Module for DotNetNuke is a module developed to bring rich content in an RSS feed directly into your DNN website. We created the module to fill a particular need we have that would allow us to bring a WordPress blog to DNN, but it could be any sort of blog, or any RSS feed with images and text. An Example Our blog is at: We use WordPress to power the blog, because it is extremely powerful as blog technology, and far superior to many other blog technologies available. The blog allows RSS feeds of almost every item listing, either by cloud tag, or category. It is one of the powerful features of WordPress. If you click on a Category such as iPhone, you receive this web view: and if you add /feed/ to the end of that URL, you will be given the same content in… Read More »Mushroom Lite Module for DotNetNuke

Description Field Templates for Picasa–Desc

Google Picasa has the ability to enter a description for an image. That description text is usually an explanation of what the image is about. We have the ability to access this description text of images using the token: ${item.description} within the template. To make this easy, we have added a second template to the templates within this module, using the same name but with “Desc” in the name. Where The – Dec versions of the templates like the Light box-Desc will display the description text. The templates remain editable as usual, to those of you who are skilled with HTML, CSS etc. We just thought it would be best to include these templates to simplify the process.

Loading Template Settings–Mushroom Image

Loading Templates These templates are used for the loading effect in the website while the module loads content. This is only used while the module pulls down source content, and if the source is cached, you will not see the loading template effect. Images If you examine the source view of the loading template, you will notice that the effect references a .gif file. This file is a motion .gif and can be swapped out for any loading .gif image you like.

Display Template Setting–Mushroom Image

Display Templates This is where you pick how your images will be shown on the page. The display templates define the end user look and feel. There are several buttons that appear under the Display Templates Tab. Load Template Used to select a predefined or saved template. If you want a look like the Light Box effect, then you can click on the Light Box template from the available templates: Then select the “Select” button. This will cause the HTML and CSS for this template to be loaded into the “Display Template” You can reveal the code for this by clicking the Source View from the HTML Editor. You can edit or improve the source code to match the colours you use on your site. When you are done editing, you select the Save Tab Changes, or Save & Return to save the template and return to the page. If… Read More »Display Template Setting–Mushroom Image

Basic Settings–Mushroom Image

Image Source This is the source that the module will connect to to pull images from. You can use Flickr, RSS, or Local Folder. Flickr – Will pull images directly from a Flickr Image Set e.g. RSS – Will pull the first image from each unique post in an RSS source. e.g. Local Folder – Will use images with a selected folder to display as images. This folder must be part of your DotNetNuke website. Google Picasa – Will pull images from a Google Picasa source, using the images in the module. Filter You can define the image types to be used in the module. For example if you pointed the Image source at a local folder that had a mixture of image types in it, then the Filter can be used to only use one type “.jpg” for example. Number of Images Defines the number of images… Read More »Basic Settings–Mushroom Image

DotNetNuke Module Update News

Today we have release a range of new module updates for DotNetNuke. These include improved support four many of the modules in a partial trust IIS server environment. All of the module can be Downloaded Free from our DNN Module Download page here. Automatic Link Builder 55.01.13 Automatically create and mange backlinks into and out of your websites to help improve SEO effectiveness of your site.   Tell My Friend 45.05.33 Add a "Tell A Friend" jQuery popup module to your site to allow visitors to spread the word of your great website. Add a "Tell A Friend" link to every page of your site in minutes.   Subscriptions Module 45.02.02 Subscriptions and advanced PayPal auto recurring subscriptions module with tax zones.   Bulk Emailer Download 45.05.96 Bulk Email for DNN with reliable campaign management and advanced tracking features, link tracking, recurring campaign and opt-in module.     Analytics Report… Read More »DotNetNuke Module Update News

New DotNetNuke Module to Automatically Create BackLinks for SEO

Today we have launched a new automated module that allows you to automatically create and manage backlinks to your dnn website. This DotNetNuke Module is great a improving the SEO performance of your domain and website. DotNetNuke Automatic Link Builder Module Automatically Manage Links to and from your website with this powerful DNN Module. Others linking to your website is a powerful way to improve Google (and other search engine) rankings of your site. This DNN Module will help you to automatically: Request and Engage Members of your site Accept their back link requests. Monitor that a Reciprocal Link to your site was created. Validate the Back Link to your Site Allow you to Approve or Reject the Link with a single click Automatically have Google Index the sites that link to your site. Continue to monitor the backlink remains in existence Continue to submit to Google the back linked… Read More »New DotNetNuke Module to Automatically Create BackLinks for SEO