DotNetNuke Feedbakc Form

Dotnetnuke–Feedback form with jQuery Popup

We have recently released an update for our dotnetnuke feedback module called feedback designer. This form now support the jQuery popup effect on page to allow you to support the module from the skin or HTML module on your site. This is an extract from our instruction manual: Form Popup Options The module is able to be run in an interesting Popup mode. This enables the form to run using jQuery and open in an elegant popup in screen popup. When the “Enable Popup” is checked, then the form will be hidden form the page that it exists on, but be sitting waiting to be enabled with a token that you can put any place on a page. Lets look closely at an example to explain. 1. Put the module on a new page. 2. Configure the module form to work correctly as you would like. With all the form… Read More »Dotnetnuke–Feedback form with jQuery Popup