DNN Performance Settings

DotNetNuke Performance Settings

Much has been written about the DotNetNuke performance settings, and well frankly the is a lot of bad information running around the web about what all the settings mean and do. I’m not about to jump into a discussion, but rather tell you what we believe are the best settings for a public facing website hosted from a Windows 2008 servers without a proxy. First of all you will need to determine if the web server IIS settings have been configured to compress data servers from your site. This is easy. 1. Login as host and look in the Performance Settings for the “Compression Setting” and ensure it is turned off. 2. Then visit this site: http://www.seoconsultants.com/tools/compression  Enter your URL of the website you are playing with, and check compression. The result will look like this, if your content is uncompressed. or this if it is compressed. Take not of… Read More »DotNetNuke Performance Settings