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DNN Blog Module 404 Error on Reading Post

When using DNN Blog Module you receive 404 page cannot be found error The symptoms of this are fairly easy. When you click on the Read more link or the title of a blog that would normally take you to the full article of the blog. The page instead displays a 404 error.  If you explore the URL you will find that the URL references the blog title something like this: http://canopi.com.au/Blog/Post/355/Single-Server-Sign-On-SSO-Part-1   take note that the URL does not end with the .aspx   The Cause The URL of the blog post is being rewritten through the friendly URL settings within the later versions of DNN.    the friendly URL settings can be found within: HOST /  ADVANCED SETTINGS / FRIENDLY URL SETTINGS  and by default in the later versions of DNN are enabled.  The problem arises when the web.config file is missing a setting for the advanced URL rewriting.  … Read More »DNN Blog Module 404 Error on Reading Post