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Turn off Microsoft CRM 2011 5000 limit on data retrieval via SDK

[gard] With CRM 4.0 and Microsoft CRM 2011 there is a default limit for the number items that can be retrieved when making various types of web service calls into the CRM. Typically this limit is set to 5000 but with some types of calls it will return 7000. In any case, the process to remove the limit and set it to 20,000 is very easy. On the server running CRM Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK. Locate and then select the following registry subkey:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value. Type TurnOffFetchThrottling, and then press ENTER. Right-click TurnOffFetchThrottling, and then click Modify. Type a number other than 0 in the Value data box, and then click OK. Note Step 6 lets you retrieve the number of records specified in the Count attribute of your fetch… Read More »Turn off Microsoft CRM 2011 5000 limit on data retrieval via SDK

CRM 2011 Email Router Problems–She’s a Fickle Bitch

CRM 2011 Email Router Problems–She’s a Fickle Bitch Since we published an extensive set of step by step instructions on how to setup CRM 2011 as an Internet Facing Deployment IFD. We have continued on to find a few issues with the Email Router Tool that are probably worth sharing. The Tool Does Not Connect to Exchange 2010 like the CRM 4.0 tool. We had a previous test environment that included CRM 4.0 and the well patched Email Router Tool. It was talking nicely to Exchange Server 2010 using the Exchange Web Service URL: In our instance the HTTPS was configured with an service signed certificate that was a trusted provider. In other words. We purchase an expensive certificate and used that for testing a real world deployment. No self signed junk. That all hummed nicely, but we find that in CRM 2011, the Email Router Incoming Settings, using… Read More »CRM 2011 Email Router Problems–She’s a Fickle Bitch

CRM 2011 IFD Multi-Tenency Migration Tips

Today we posted a blog about How to configure IFD Hosted Setup in CRM 2011 Following on from that we tested the migration from CRM 4.0 hosted CRM instillations to the newly configured test environment for CRM 2011. We ran into a few problems (and a few things we did not know) and thought others may benefit from this. CRM Migration The process was reasonably simple for us and for that reason we will just list the steps. Backup the CRM 4.0 database to file. On the new CRM 2011 SQL server, perform a normal SQL database restore from the backup file. Use the CRM 2011 deployment tool to “Import and Organisation”. Specifying the obvious settings for the database selection and user mapping. (In our case, we were on the same domain, so user mapping was easy). All this worked well, but there were a few problems when we went… Read More »CRM 2011 IFD Multi-Tenency Migration Tips

Microsoft CRM 2011 How to Configure IFD Hosted Setup

[gard]Like many, we have struggled to configure Microsoft CRM 2011 as an Internet Facing Deployment. There is quite a bit of disjointed and some what typical Microsoft “junk” on how to set this up.So after reading the White Papers, blogs and YouTube videos on the topic, I figured I would need notes for myself as much as anything. This is mostly because I am yet to find one single example that covered the setup I was after. That being:Single ServerOn an existing domainRunning true IFD ready for customer access.The last point it telling, as all the Microsoft examples give a self generated SSL cert, that really is an example of a DEV environment only. We want to test the “real deal”, and don’t mind spending a few $ on a real Certificate to see this in a true working environment.If you need support upgrading Microsoft CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011… Read More »Microsoft CRM 2011 How to Configure IFD Hosted Setup