Microsoft White Papers–Kill Me now!

A Microsoft Team Member Accessing one of their White Papers!
Having just beaten the Microsoft CRM IFD challenge, I felt it necessary to blog about how mush I dislike the way Microsoft supply data about their own products.
The image above is not too far from the truth. You read a pile of “bla bal” data, only to find that the detail about the really important and difficult part is vague and relies on prior knowledge or experience to complete.
Evidence of this is the number of internal blogs, videos and instructional information that is always produced by MS team members and community members explaining the real low down on how to get their stuff to work.

Want to know what a White Paper is?

Google “Microsoft White Papers”
Returns this:
That opens to this:
This gives a URL:
That fails to this:
GO Microsoft!
So their Bing steps in with a suggestion. Did I mean
Do you mean service providers bus resources bizreswp?
Really Microsoft, things should be getting better, not worse!

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