Snow Leopard problems with Live Sync Folder Share

We are big fans of the Folder Share (now known as Live Sync) technology from…. cough cough cough Microsoft.windowslivelogo
I say that because the technology was not developed by them, but was taken over in recent years by them. In a nut shell, the Live Sync will allow you to take a folder or folders on one computer and share it with others or other computers of yours over the wire. As unremarkable as this sounds, it is actually a very cool application.

  • It will keep both locations in sync, and manage conflicts.
  • It will allow you to auto or manually sync
  • It will work over the wire or locally

We use it for teams of workers who work from multiple locations like via a laptop or home office, sharing all our compiled code to allow one big consistent sync.
I also use it personally to backup My Music files and My Pictures and video folders, and sync to a Media PC from my main desktop.
The only problem was the the application stopped working on my Mac Book Pro after updating to Snow Leopard. The application failed to sign into the Live Sync account correctly. So like loads of others, we waited and waited for MS to sort this out… and finally they have released a new version for download on the Live Sycn website.
Although you would not know it, as the usual MS crap with version numbers that mean nothing, and no release date information on the site… but download it and you will be back in business sharing files from a PC to a MAC.
All our Custom DNN Module work is back in business.

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