Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011

This cracks me up.
Some time ago, someone at Microsoft decided to add our team to the “metro” early adopter program for CRM 4.0
We never did anything, asked for anything and frankly could care less what is going on with Microsoft. Like we would want to throw our lives away testing Microsoft Beta releases!
Anyway, from time to time I get messages from the metro team like this:
We are writing from the Metro Early Adopter Program.
Thank you for your Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011.
The Dynamics CRM 2011 early adopter program has been shipped and is no longer accepting nominations. For this reason you, Interactivewebs.comhaven’t been approved to join this program.
The Metro Early Adopter Program continues to add new programs throughout the year. Please go to the Metro Connect site ( if you would like to join other programs.
Thank you for your interest in theDynamics CRM 2011 and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email to
Kind regards,
clip_image002 Metro Team
Now having never actually requested anything in relation to CRM 2011. Never having contacted them or requesting access to the early release, we find that we are indeed not been accepted. Well Ain’t that a surprise, being that we never filled in a “nomination form”!
Actually we have a message for the Metro team.
Dear Metro team,
Thank you for not filling in a user registration form at
Because you did not fill in a request for registration, we have not granted you status: Verified User”.
InteractiveWebs continues to add users to our site at and you are not one of them. If you would like to join the program. You are not invited!
Thank you for your interest in InteractiveWebs if you have any questions, then don’t ask as.
Love… the team that have had enough of your junk!
It’s funny… someone in the office just suggested to me it is like running down the road and knocking on the door. When the strangers answer… just say to them… “I just wanted to tell you that you are NOT invited to our house party tomorrow!” If some how you could deliver that in a very average looking email template, then you might be able to snag a job with Microsoft.


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