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With petrol prices at record levels, interest rates on the up, talk of ‘social responsibility’ and the need to downsize everywhere you turn — and public opinion suggesting local car builders have lost relevance — could you pick a worse time to launch a $150K-plus Aussie-built 7.0-litre (427ci!) “supercar”?

Probably not — which makes HSV’s feat of selling out its 2008 build allocation of Australia’s most expensive, most powerful and largest capacity production road car yet, even more amazing…
HSV’s $155,500 7.0-litre 375kW limited-edition W427 was launched earlier this week to the rampant ringing of the cash registers across the go-fast Holden arm’s 57-strong dealer network. Built to celebrate HSV’s 20th Anniversary year and assembled at HSV’s Clayton factory, 90 W427s will be built between now and the end of 2008.
As this article was written, every one of those cars has a confirmed retail customer’s name on it. HSV has guaranteed it will build no more than 427 W427s. It has reserved build numbers #1-5 and #427 for its own cars, but the others are up for grabs.
What it will not do is build cars without a confirmed customer order. HSV is adamant no W427s will be built for stock.
With Aussie musclecars now a collectable commodity, initial interest in the instant classic has been stronger than even HSV insiders imagined. HSV’s top dealer, City HSV in Perth, is currently holding 15 confirmed W427 orders, the deliveries of which will stretch well into 2009.
Only a handful of those 15 are included in the initial ‘sold out’ batch of 90 cars.
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