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Today we were checking out a fellow developers online quote system. They have turned it into a free quote system that allows you to send a quote to a customer via email and the web.

This is a tremendous way to communicate quotes to potential customers and look professional while doing it.

  • Send and manage proposals online

    Super easy to use, Quote Roller saves you time and helps to close deals faster. You will find that creating proposals is fun and enjoyable process.

  • Automate the process

    Choose a proposal template, select a client, add products and services and hit send. Several simple steps to create a professional proposal.

  • Accept, discuss, collaborate

    Allow clients to instantly accept created proposals. Discuss any questions clients have directly in the system. Enable team work on proposals you create.

  • Reuse offerings from the list

    Organize products, services and subscriptions into an offering base and reuse items from the base in your proposal. Didn’t think creating a pricing table was so simple?

  • Use proposal templates

    Having difficulties drawing up a proposal? Find a proposal template in our extensive community library. Share your templates with others in one click.

  • Stay informed

    Track clients’ activity, get instant notifications and react immediately. Quote Roller will help you to convert your leads into orders.


They have an easy to use dashboard that steps you through the creation process.


An easy to use dashboard of all the interface send and reply messages you have.

Check out the free online quote system.


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