Auto Update to Widows Live Writer Killed my Launch Icon

imageThe recent auto update to the Windows Live 2011 Beta that automatically ran on my windows 7 system. Automatically and without me needing to do needing to do anything at all… killed the desktop launch icon that was used.

Isn’t is great that the thing that Microsoft is best at is killing things automatically.

I found a recent picture of the Microsoft “Leader” Website Developer Sydney

Guess it all makes sense now why the only thing they do well tends to tick me off!

As for the new Windows Live Writer 2011. Works exactly like the old one, but has the following new features.

Feature List

  1. Removal of the word BETA from the program name
  2. Kills your desktop Icons for Live Writer

Ummm, That is about it really.

3 thoughts on “Auto Update to Widows Live Writer Killed my Launch Icon”

  1. Yeah, Apparently they’re pushing the Windows Live applications out with the Windows updates; as opposed to making it an elective… That’s wrong.
    Until next time,
    Larry Henry Jr.

    1. They are a train wreck… and they are the only ones who don’t see it!
      I am going to keep the broken icon there to remind me why we are switching from .net development to iPhone.

  2. Also don’t install Live Writer (or any Live Essentials) if you want to share files with linux machine. Microsoft messed it up. Wouldn’t be surprised if they did it on purpose 😉

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