DNN Image Module Template Modifications


With our DotNetNuke Image Module, the module comes with several templates. It is possible to modify any of the templates and create images and looks to suite your needs.

The original lightheads template that we use the following html for the thumbnail:

     <div class="iwebs-pic " style="background: url(‘$item.image’) no-repeat scroll 50% 50% transparent;">

     That means the raw image will be used as background image for the thumbnail rectangle. Since the background image will not be cropped or resized, you can only see part of the whole pic.

I You can change the template <div class="iwebs-pic " style="background: url(‘$item.imageresize‘) no-repeat scroll 50% 50% transparent;">

However, in order to keep the proportion, there will be some blank area for each thumbnail.


If you do not care about distortion of the thumbnail and want to fill the blank area any way he can use <div class="iwebs-pic " style="background: url(‘$item.thumbnail’) no-repeat scroll 50% 50% transparent;">


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