Part 4: Talking to an asmx web service – A .net developer learns objective-c for iPhone iPad

So here i am reading up on how the cocoa touch framework doesn’t have support for working with xml too easily and its not an easy task to undertake in manually parsing a soap xml… when along comes something so amazing i may have wee’d my pants a little.


SudzC is an amazingly helpful website where you simply pass it a url to an asmx or upload a wsdl file, it spits you out a fully fledged example project along with reference documentation and the source code you’ll need to include to make webservice communication as easy as…


Important stuff is the:

[service … line and the Completed action (or event in .net speak) it returns. I simply just spat some stuff out to the log to see some results.

What’s is awesome and worth mentioning (again) is what is in\Source\Examples. From within the zip you get sent from SudzC is the all important examples you need to start cracking (with YOUR webmethods).

SudzC … i think i’m in love!

1 thought on “Part 4: Talking to an asmx web service – A .net developer learns objective-c for iPhone iPad”

  1. I just found SudzC myself and had the same reaction. I couldn’t believe that the iPhone SDK didn’t have something like this available already.
    I’m in pretty much the same situation as you. I’ve spent years in the Microsoft world doing .NET stuff and wanted to expand my horizons and get experience with mobile platforms outside of Windows Mobile. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and novelty so far and it has been good to be exposed to the Apple way of thinking. There are a lot of things that I like about it.
    If you haven’t seen the Stanford University class lectures on iPhone Development yet I would highly recommend them. They are freely available on iTunes U. They are fantastic.
    Apple also made all of the WWDC 2010 session videos available for free this year. I was disappointed when I first started looking for material that Apple was charging several hundred dollars for acces to last year’s sessions. I guess that they have wised up with Android breathing down their necks and figured that they were better off getting the info out to as many people as possible.
    I hope that your development efforts are coming along. I have not been as ambitious as you as I have not found as much time to devote to the Apple development as I want and blogging would just eat into some of that time. I may have to bite the bullet and do a little sharing though since I have enjoyed your posts. It is nice to see someone else learning this stuff from a similar background as myself.

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