iBooks for the iPhone 4 on iOS4 with the new Apple iPhone 4G

Thanks to www.engadget.com – almost as good as being there!

“iBooks. We are bringing it to the iPhone with the iPhone 4."

apple wwdc 2010 295 rm eng

apple wwdc 2010 296 rm eng

apple wwdc 2010 298 rm eng

apple wwdc 2010 303 rm eng

"We’ll have it on the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch. What can we do with these together? First, you can purchase and download a book. It will download wirelessly. You can download the same book to all your devices at no extra charge. Buy it on your iPad, download to your iPhone. And iBooks will automatically and wirelessly sync your current place, all your bookmarks, and all your notes." No extra charge? We’ll take it.


apple wwdc 2010 307 rm eng

apple wwdc 2010 306 rm eng


With notes able to be added!

apple wwdc 2010 309 rm eng

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